Total Playstation: Resistance 3 Review

Scott Rodgers writes: Resistance: Fall of Man was one of the two games I bought on my launch month PS3 (along with the dreadful Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire). Even though there were some series growing pains with the system and it took what seemed like an eternity for the system to hit its stride, I always fell back on R:FoM as my go-to game. It didn’t matter to me at the time that I had a $599 console with only one good game, R:FoM was worth it to me. It was the game I recommended to everyone; it was the game I played when friends came over, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with gaming.

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farhsa20082716d ago

great review, resistance will always hold a special place in my heart

blumatt2716d ago

I've been playing it all last week and this past weekend and, let me say this to anyone thinking about buying it: Go get it! It's miles ahead of Resistance 2 and it's even better than R: Fall of Man. The graphics, story, gameplay, animations, weapons, etc. are all just amazing. The Move support works great. (I still mostly use DualShock though.). I wish I could try the 3D support out, but, alas, I have no 3D TV. :( I wasn't expecting much from this after how R2 turned out, but I've gotta say, Insomniac did a wonderful job on this game. A 9/10 sounds about right.

GTRrocker2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I love Resistance 3, but for some reason I liked Resistance 2 so much more when it came out: The 8 player Co-op, insane amount of players online, even the story and characters in single player were better for me.

Blasphemy... I know...


They really improved the weapons and gameplay in R3, though. I was just disapointed with the lack of final boss battle in R3 and the fact that the Pure Chimera weren't discussed more in the story. I really wanted to get more intel on the origin of the Chimera and what happened previously with the other alien species they went to war with. Also the ingame character models look kind of unpolished in comparison with similar games (ie Killzone 3, hell even Killzone 2)

Please don't down bubble me because I liked Resistance 2. Games are subjective to each player. Thanks.

Ju2715d ago

I bubbled you up, because I agree with everything you said. It's a great game, but for some reason, I like R2 more. Now if they'd have the weapon handling (and improved visuals) in R2, that would have been the ultimate Resistance.

Bathyj2716d ago

Its weird that all I'm seeing is 8's up to 9.5's yet there are hardly any 9's on Metacritic.

They managed to find alot of 7's though. I bet everyone of those got posted.

Ju2715d ago

Aren't we used to that already? - Well, no, I know, but happens all the time, doesn't it?

ForROME2716d ago

After beating RE3 - my votes go as followed

R1 - Still the Best
R3 - Solid

JoGam2715d ago

By the look of things your vote don't count.

monkeymagik2716d ago


R1 - For story, vehicle part(i loved that jeep)

R2 - I really enjoyed it, Everything was bigger, but they took away my jeep.(8co-op is awesome)

R3 - Fantastic game, sweet graphics, nice mp. Wish the SP was longer. Also i hope they take the next one of the chimera homeworld, like capelli gets sucked through a portal or something,lol. (Still no jeep wtf)

Pintheshadows2715d ago

For a game that nailed vehicles in one attempt i'm sad they're gone. But regardless, R3 is a masterpiece. It may be a little short but frankly I didn't care.

smashcrashbash2715d ago

I agree. I hope if there is a R4 in the future that they bring the vehicles back. I loved flying through the air with the jeep and riding the mech.