New Starhawk Trailer Incoming

Dualshock Nexus: The official Starhawk Facebook page entertainingly assures all of us that the brand new upcoming trailer is worth the wait. What does this mean exactly? Read when the trailer will be aired below to find out!

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WillGuitarGuy2718d ago

Don't tease meeee! I wanna see the trailer now! :p

Etseix2718d ago

an announcement of an announcement !??!?!
wtf D: <

spunnups2718d ago

Multiplayer wise nothing tops Warhawk, nothing.

Etseix2718d ago

i only/ have around 700 hours in the game :( stupid university, by now they would've been over 9000! (or more than 1500 for sure)

KwietStorm2718d ago

I almost don't want to see or hear anything new about this game because I have no idea what the release date it, but I know it's months and months away. My anticipation for Starhawk is near the top of my list, and that's including the onslaught of titles this year.

spunnups2718d ago

CAn this game come any faster please? it's going to be ridiculous. Red alert mixed with Warhawk? Please thank you good night

Ares902718d ago

come on show it NOW!!!!

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