Ace Combat: Assault Horizon demo dated with screenshots in tow

GameDynamo - "Namco Bandai has been releasing a ton of screens from the game lately, bordering on overkill. However, after looking through the demo captures, we can see why the company wants these disseminated -- the explosions and destruction physics are truly outstanding! Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think!"

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SamPao2715d ago

oh cool, a demo, I like :)

fatalred alarm2715d ago

I'm pretty sure we're all going to love it!

SamPao2715d ago

The Last Ace Combat I played was on the PS2 and I remember being addicted to it! that was awesome, it just has something special!
This demo is just what I/We need :)

Az1mov2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

season of the awesome started finally!!

Ocean2715d ago

Been looking forward to playing this

radphil2715d ago

Honestly it's worthwhile imo.

Even though they're taking a real world approach to the game now (where all the previous games were in fictional worlds), it still has that flair behind it which makes it enjoyable.

The cinematic approach they were going with when I had the chance to play the game, was honestly enjoyable.

Cpt_kitten2715d ago

sept 14th......ill start the download before i go to work, come home and enjoy epic tease that the demo will be