Fifa 12 Soundtrack Unveiled; Features 39 Artists from 15 Countries

DSOGaming writes: "Electronic Arts today unveiled the complete music track listing for EA SPORTS FIFA 12, featuring 39 artists from 15 countries, to create the soundtrack of the season for football fans."

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Nate-Dog2715d ago

If there's one thing I've always loved about FIFA it was its awesome soundtrack. FIFA 2004 had one of my favourite soundtracks ever.

TIKUP22715d ago

Lol this is how it goes when you get a fifa game (well for me anyway)

You play it for the first time and your like wow this has an awesome track list but then....

1 month later - know the lyrics to a few songs
3 months later - starting to get sick of some songs
5 months later - know ever fucking song from start to finish
7 months later - want to kill the guy to made the track list!

TIKUP22715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

My bad, double post!

PinchoVe2715d ago

Great Soundtrack, happy to see La Vida Boheme in there, they are an amazing band, check them out!

Cablephish2715d ago

Problem is, even if their is a soundtrack, eventually it will get tiresome.

They should be putting in the option to utilize your own playlist.

Or I'd just mute the game's soundtrack and pump the ghetto blasters in the living room.

fooltheman2714d ago

I think You can play your own music too. ^^
I think it's one of the trophies.$

bronze trophy: Sweet Music – Have custom audio play in FIFA 12.

Cablephish2714d ago

Oh, that's ggod then.

Sadly it isn't like that with all sports games.
Some racing games don't have that option.