The Greatest Game Genre Ever

First person shooters, open world RPGs, fighters, 3D platformers and 2D side scrollers – these are among the most popular videogame genres of today, dominating the majority of your average gamer’s time and brainpower.

The question is, when it comes down to brass tacks, are they the games most worthy of our time and brainpower? Is there a type of videogame that players get more out of than the common favorites? The answer just might be – absolutely.

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pangitkqb2714d ago

Gonna be totally honest...this piece came out of nowhere, and it is a breath of fresh air. Nice to see something on here that isn't about COD,Battlefield, Uncharted, or whatever blockbuster is on the horizon revolving around guns and fighting..Other games and genres do exist and they deserve some attention.

pat_11_52714d ago

I"m going to give 999 a try, it sounds like an interesting game.

Hicken2714d ago

Even as big an RPG fan as I am, I can agree with this. Between Fate/Stay Night, Trace Memories, and others like them, I have to say I can remember more about the stories of these games- even after just one playthrough- than nearly anything else.