Sam Raimi Loves Blu-ray

"There's a level of crispness and clarity in the imagery with Blu-ray that's incredible."

"I'm very excited for people to see the movie this way, because a lot of detail was put into the visual effects, like the birth of the Sandman, that they probably didn't see in the theater."

-Sam Raimi, Director of the Spiderman Trilogy

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Maldread4960d ago

Since Sony own Columbia Pictures (think it was called Tristar before), which is the company behind Spiderman. Sony also makes Blu-Ray of course.

But having a famous director praising your format can never be a bad thing huh ;)

cr33ping_death4960d ago

nope never a bad thing....cant wait for SUPERBAD too, only on blu ray. :) damn that movie was hilarious.

Danja4960d ago

I agree dude Superbad was freakin hilarious

hahahabutt4960d ago

Superbad was funny, but it's not a movie worthy of Blu-Ray or any high def media at that, It should stay a dvd release.

WilliamRLBaker4960d ago

regardless of my appreciation for sam raimi and his work, what a stupid startment...

"There's a level of crispness and clarity in the imagery with Blu-ray that's incredible."

which HD DVD can match in every single way. and thats a fact.

Danja4960d ago

sure it can but rememeber not all HD-DVD player can out 1080p...

Vip3r4960d ago

Shame that Transformers on HD-DVD has compressed sound.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi4960d ago

lol then why did transformers had compressed sound?
maybe like the 360, movies on the hddvd should be 2 discs since users dont mind replacing discs :D

Bladestar4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

"sure it can but rememeber not all HD-DVD player can out 1080p... " lol.. dumb statement...

here I can play too..

- sure it can but rememeber not all TVs can out 1080p...
- sure it can but rememeber a 1080P HD DVD player is still cheaper than any blu-ray player.
-sure it can but rememeber that not every movie that comes out in the future will play on existing blu-ray players... AT ALL!

Sadly... Only sony fanboys are making a big deal out of this movie.. everyone knows it sucked compared to the first one... Transformer is a better movie than spiderman 3 and having uncompressed sound will not change that fact.

hahahabutt4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Paramount chose to put DD plus over TrueHD for reasons. One they have 3 different languages in DD Plus on transformers HD-DVD. If they wanted to they could of put TrueHD sound like the Last Samauri and Batman Begins, but they rather have Three different languages so Spanish people like my grand parents can enjoy the movie. Instead of just having English and French TrueHD sound. It's not due to space. I gurantee If you have A Dolby Digital Surround sound system, you can only hear 648 kz of sound so even DD plus is pointless to me. I only have 2 surround sound system at my house (JVC, Pioneer) They only encode DDigital (along with Prologic2) and DTS sound at 5.1 channels. What is DDplus or True HD going to offer me?? nothing. Same goes for Blu-Ray I can care less for audio since It wont be nessary, DDigital sounds clear enough to me.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi4960d ago

lol spiderman three which sucked will surpass transformers hd-dvd sales, no surprise there.

hahahabutt4960d ago

Spiderman 3 did not surpass Transformers on any format sales. It was said already. It has surpassed its own format on Blu-Ray, but did not surpass Transformers on DVD or highdef media. Sorry. check out or for the source.

deeznuts4960d ago

You accuse him of making a stupid startment, but yours is the stupid startment.

He never said anything about HD DVD not providing a clear crisp picture, just that Blu-Ray provided one. Look at the title, he loves Blu-Ray. Didn't say he loves Blu-Ray, hates HD DVD or anything. If he's a movie fan, I'm sure he probably has a HD DVD Player at home. He was comparing to the theatrical release, and possibly DVD.

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Baddo_Ekkusuchi4960d ago

hd dvd can save their ass and admit defeat. bluray do doubt will take over.

chester4960d ago

yep, blu-ray is a great format, just like hd-dvd. unfortunately for raimi, the end of his trilogy sucked and was easily the most dissapointing movie of 2007. the first two were good. the last was god-awful.

redmamoth4960d ago

... Bill Gates loves Windows Vista. He's been qouted as saying the following:

"Its just so much more user friendly than Mac OSX"
"Its such good value for money"

Please... I support Blu-Ray as much as the next person but does this really hold any credability????

Skerj4960d ago

I wish he loved NOT MESSING UP THE THIRD MOVIE as much as BR. I'm sorry I had to say it.

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