Why the Xbox 360 Doesn't Need a Blu-Ray Drive

PlanetXbox360: "PlayStation fans continue to tout the importance of the PS3's Blu-ray drive, but the reality is that it is far more of a luxury than a necessity. With the industry headed toward a completely digital future, the need for disc based media of any kind is fading fast. So I ask you, what is so important about a Blu-ray drive?"

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iamnsuperman2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

"With the industry headed toward a completely digital future, the need for disc based media of any kind is fading fast"

Well its not. Physical media needs to be around for at least another generation. Considering many in rural areas do not have broadband and internet speeds are far to low for millions to download a game at once (also just downloading a game is hard enough). Cloud is ideal but yet again speeds are not high enough for millions to be doing the same thing at once. Virgin media for instance cripples at peak hours and Sky is still not very fast in the UK

Microsoft will not add blu-ray to the 360 because it would be expensive to implement and would split the fan base. The Blu-ray is beneficial. Maybe not so much for multiplats but more content is always welcome on exclusives.

darthv722714d ago

their focus even during the hddvd fiasco was all about digital streaming. They didnt exactly pick a side considering they were more interested in the licensing of the VC-1 codec for use in both hddvd and bluray.

HDDVD was sadly a pawn in their elusive game of cat and mouse. Both techs were so similar that it was easy for them to play the neutral role of "see who wins but we dont want to seem ambitious because we have our own thing in the works".

360 doesnt need bluray. It is geared as a gaming platform that does media where as the ps3 was sort of stuck in an ID problem at first. A media player that played games. Thing is, people who bought a 360 bought it for the games. Not everyone who bought a ps3 did it for the same reason.

I think it was reported that there were more ps3 sold as movie players than for gamers. Not all that surprising as the ps2 had the same success of getting the format of DVD into homes as well. But hey, Sony didnt care what the consumer used it for so long as it sold.

BulletToothtony2714d ago

is not that it may NEED it, it's that it would actually drive sales even higher.. wether they're permitted to use it or not is another story.

But if they are allowed is pure pride that is keeping it from doing it.. a bluray add-on would actually hurt the ps3 slightly, A LOT of people that are not well informed about games only look at prices and seeing that the ps3 has a bluray player is an important asset.

RioKing2714d ago

"I think it was reported that there were more ps3 sold as movie players than for gamers"

That's an interesting stat...I wasn't aware of the fact that when you buy a ps3, you are asked what you're buying it for......

Persistantthug2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Microsoft wanted to release early with last gen media, and they bet the wrong horse with HD-DVD.

They lost that bet and now, for better or for worse, XBOX 360 is stuck with what it has.
There's no going back now....unfortunately.

Next generation, XBOX 3 will hopefully (and probably) have BluRay. Unfortunately, we are 2 or 3 years away from getting that.

Christopher2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Soft and hard media will coexist for about two more decades or so. We'll be able to see beyond that in another decade. Digital is not the future, though, as long as there are restrictions on game downloads, portability, resale, cost, external costs/limitations, etc.

Dlacy13g2714d ago

Good "rumor" leaked out by Italy and now everyone is talking about an add-on blu-ray drive for the 360..AGAIN! When will this madness end? It makes absolute zero sense for MS to put out a Blu Ray drive for the 360 at this point. ZERO... Its 6yrs in folks...this is never going to happen so can we just kill all this non-sense now?

BulletToothtony2714d ago

planetxbox with yet another ps3 related article.. shocking!!

Sunhammer2714d ago

Did you say one? Rumors about blu-ray on 360 have been going around since blu-ray destroyed HD-DVD.

Of course that was years ago and I'm sure developers have expressed a lot of concern regarding disc space on 360.

It may happen...or not. Microsoft will have to explain quite a lot, rofl.

thekiddfran2714d ago

Dlacy13g speaks the truth.

UltimaEnder2714d ago ShowReplies(5)
DigitalRaptor2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

"With the industry headed toward a completely digital future, the need for disc based media of any kind is fading fast."

WHAT? No it's not. smh

Digital is an option and is already huge. It will grow but not take over physical. Physical media is hugely important to millions of people, and many people refuse to own a license as opposed to an actual hard copy that you can call yours, add to your physical collection and lend to a friend.

The biggest of games this generation are upwards of 20GB. How much larger do you imagine next generation's games will be? Significantly, is the answer.

Internet speeds are not at the stage where millions of people can download a 20+GB game quickly. Bandwidth just won't allow it yet, not for many years.

The 360 doesn't need it because it's much too late in the generation and Microsoft clearly don't need it for what they want to accomplish. It would be pointless too. I wish this site would stop trying to twist falsehoods in its favour.

@ UltimaEnder - That's bullsh*t and you clearly don't get that we're talking about the storage format's use in games, not Blu-ray movies... /facepalm

@ Disagrees, can you tell me what you're disagreeing with?

Drekken2714d ago

These CHILDREN disagreeing obviously doesn't see the overall picture. I own close to 30 PS3 games... There is no way I would have enough HDD space unless I upgraded to 1TB HDD. The millions of games sold per month having to be download would only bog down the entire internet and every single server providing the data.

Personally given a choice 10 times out of 10, I will pickup the disc.

optimus2714d ago

..."many people refuse to own a license as oppose to an actual hard copy?"... really?? tell that to the growing number of record stores and book stores that have closed... although I agree digital distribution has a way to go before it replaces hard disks it isn't that far off...especially with the "cloud" technology that everyone is slowly implementing... microsoft won't use blu-ray cause they would have to pay sony royalties to do so... I'm fine with not having it...for now.

DigitalRaptor2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Books will exist, even if the book stores close down, because of the people that care. Publishers, authors, schools, and the readers themselves. Millions of people buy print, even though e-books are becoming more popular to download on digital devices.

CDs and Vinyls(!!!) will exist through the people that care about production, audio quality, and high value packages that many musical artists offer, even if record stores close down.

In fact, one of the main reasons these stores are closing down is that the overheads are too much to justify keeping them open, when it would be cheaper to sell goods online. Those things are still gonna sell, because enough people care.

Digital distribution is an option. E-books and MP3s are options. Cloud will be an option, and good for many things.

The day I have to download all my games, and then pay to upgrade my hard drive because it can only store so much data, is the day I quit. I don't bend over for anyone!

kreate2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

"".."many people refuse to own a license as oppose to an actual hard copy?"... really?? tell that to the growing number of record stores and book stores that have closed.""

ya i told that to the growing numbers of record stores that closed. they say its due to ppl pirating music off the internet.

i also told that to the growing number of book stores such as borders and barnes noble that closed. they say its due to online retailers like amazon selling books and taking away customers.

optimus2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

DigitalRaptor... i guess you have just a few years to play then...I never said the medium wouldn't exist AT ALL. Sure there are people that still want physical media but nowadays you're looking at thousands compared to the millions that don't. and there is more money to be made with the millions.

Kreate...what's your point? pirating is STILL online distribution. stores are closing because more and more people prefer a faster more convenient way to get their medium. game companies have taken notice as one of the latest games i bought suggested that if i wanted the full manual of the game that i can easily get a digital download of the manual from their site (the game was bought brand new).

sega's latest sonic releases are solely through download distribution. sony opted out of their physical media when they re-released their psp as the pspGo. face it, it's happening; slowly but surely but it's happening...

personally i prefer physical media as i like to wait for technology to become reasonably priced before i invest in it. i'm probably one of a few 100 people that still use dsl which is considered today's 56k modem - hence i don't do a lot of digital downloading or streaming. but that's another story.

LaurenKB1232714d ago

Good article in response to stupid rumor, I'll take one if it's a free add-on...

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