New DS Lite model "rumour and speculation"

Nintendo has responded to an analyst's claims that it has completed work on a new version of its DS Lite handheld, maintaining that it is "rumour and speculation and we are not commenting further."

Evan Wilson, from Pacific Crest Securities, is quoted in a GameSpot report as saying that the new model was "thinner, has on-board storage, and larger screens," and would lose the GBA port to accommodate the changes.

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Baddo_Ekkusuchi4921d ago

omg keep milking this system while you can!!!!

PMR_214921d ago

everyone does it..just look at Sony and the PS2...constant re-designs

Baddo_Ekkusuchi4921d ago

jeeezzzz,,,,, cant wait for years later when the ps3 redesign will come hopefully alteast half the size of that sexy beast. hopefully ps2 bc will comeback, dont forget 40gb still plays psx.

BlackIceJoe4921d ago

I think this could be true. Why because a couple weeks back there was a rumor that Nintendo would start selling GB & GBA games as downloadable software and they would work like the Wii with older games that you could download and play. So that is what the on-board storage is for. So soon there could be a DS service like the Wii soon.

Plus even though I still do not trust Surfer Girl she said there would be a new version of the DS in 09. So if might be this version or it might not.

But I think the idea of taking out the GBA slot is a smart move it helps future proof the next version of the DS and allows for the next version to be smaller in size.

n_n4921d ago

wonder how it will actually look like... they pretty much need to keep the touchscreen... oh well, my current one will do for quite some time

redninja4921d ago

The redesign will probably just have a larger screen and significantly larger buttons to cater to the elderly.