Why the Syndicate remake is a first-person shooter: Starbreeze talks changing history

"I don't want people to stop playing the old games, but time has moved on."

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dirigiblebill2713d ago

I can understand Starbreeze making an FPS. It's what they're good at. It's just not Syndicate.

badz1492713d ago

because FPS is where the majority of the moneys are at at the moment!

Dragunov2713d ago

Painful to see how they will ruin a game i loved. It should be TPS/RPG ala mass effect, but i suppose is easier to churn out another mediocre FPS

Laxman2162713d ago

Who says it will be mediocre? I understand the market is over saturated with FPS games at the moment, and a lot of them are no different from one another, but why do you think Syndicate will be mediocre?

I mean there are still a good deal of GOOD FPS games, they arent all mediocre just becuase there is a lot of them.

Plus, Sci-Fi shooters are actually very rare now. I mean proper sci-fi, not just miltary games with s sci-fi background or something. I think this will stand out from a lot of other FPS games next year.

Getowned2713d ago

I agree.

I like TPSers but i enjoy FPS a bit more i just like to see what my character is looking at through his eyes it makes me feel more into the world.

also i agree we need more Sci-fi!!

AllroundGamer2713d ago

because they got $$ in their eyes...