IGN's PC Holiday Buyer's Guide

IGN writes, "It's been one of the busiest and best years in gaming in quite some time, which leaves consumers like you in an awkward spot. There's only so much time and money that can be spent gaming, especially if you're employed or studying for school. Since we're such slackers and actually played all these games, we can give you an accurate run-down of which titles to look for when you're browsing shelves or proceeding to online check-outs. Whether it's an RPG, family friendly strategy game, or twisted underwater shooter you're looking for, we've got you covered."

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MK_Red4931d ago

The Witcher is all I need. BioShock, COD4 and Orange Box are on consoles and my system can't run Crysis (Heck, I'm not even sure if it can run Witcher).

fermcr4931d ago

I want them all :) ... my PC can take them all .. but only pick some [€€€€].

Have The Orange Box, Bioshock, World in Conflict... waiting for Crysis, COD4, The Witcher