UK PS3 CHARTS: Resistance 3 tops, Dead Island comes in 2nd

GB: "Insomniac's first person shooter Resistance 3 has managed to secure the top spot in PS3's UK sales charts for the week ending September 10, triumphing over all-formats chart leader Dead Island, which came in at the second position."

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brew2715d ago

They found it hard to resist.

buddymagoo2715d ago

It's an amazing game. I'm currently playing through the campaign with my girlfriend co-op. I hope it does really well because it exceeded my expectations.

kreate2714d ago

Well... Nathan hale did save UK from the chimera in the first game.

"for king and country!"

banjadude2714d ago

You forgot the sunglasses and "YEAAAAAH!"


Dlacy13g2715d ago

Its deserving from what I am reading. I am just waiting on Gamefly to send my copy. May buy it too...but money is tight and this was a fringe title for me.

Anon19742715d ago

I really enjoyed the other two but I wasn't in a hurry to pick this one up. Then I found out the single player campaign is available in split screen co-op. My wife doesn't game all that often, but there aren't many titles that we can both play together, so this has moved up on my list. She isn't even a big gamer, but we need something to fill the hole Borderlands left once we finished the main story and all the dlc.

Drekken2715d ago

So you won't be playing coop online or competitive?

brew2715d ago

He could for the low low price of just $10 !

lodossrage2715d ago

Online pass does that to USED game buyers. Not new ones.

Dlacy13g2714d ago

To play co-op split screen both players need to have a valid copy on thier PSN id from what I understood. I don't know if that is an Online Co-op only situation or if it applies to all split screen but its an issue that was raised a few weeks back when this was announced. Sony basically was keeping two seperate people from playing off one disc for one price.

nycredude2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )


Stop spreading BS. All you have to do to play coop slitscreen is press the start button on the second controller.

Get is NAO. The game is amazing from beginning to end. Awesome gameplay and impossible to put down.

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monkeymagik2715d ago

Trust me, the game is awesome.]

Why o why2715d ago

who the eff is still buying black ops. why they need a premium service when the franchise sells like that is beyond me. The capitalist me knows.

well done really enjoying this one a whole lot more than the second one and ive not even completed it yet. I hear the ending isnt all that but ive enjoyed this one more already.

RAmar1012714d ago

Act 10 11 12 is just pure survival horror, I'm loving the game, imo it matches alan wake for atmospheric visuals terrific stuff

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