UK PC CHARTS: Dead Island and Warhammer 40K: Space Marine make an impressive debut

GB: "Dead Island, claiming the top spot in the Xbox 360 and all-formats chart and the second position in the PS3 charts for the week ending September 10 in UK, was also the highest selling PC game for the same week. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, which has also performed very well in the aforementioned charts, was the second highest selling PC game."

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benihya2719d ago

Warhammer 40K is surprisingly good, i am already on chapter 9, and cannot wait to go home to do few more tonight.

yog-sothot2719d ago

I agree

I am a fan of the lore (not a diehard fan but I do like it) but I truly believe the game has the potential to please any gamer who likes action games. And the multiplayer is very nice too.

Now I wish the game had received more support but THQ probably does not have the resources fot it and Saints row 3.

I hope it does sell enough to warrant a sequel and thet Relic will receive the time and money required to handle the game's flaws