Tabula Rasa - Better Than World of Warcraft

GameDaily break's down reasons why it's time to give that level 70 Night Elf a rest and start over with a new game and a clean slate.

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MK_Red4928d ago

In MMO market, quality doesn't mean much these days. Look at Guild Wars, it's a great game, has lots of better elements than WoW and is also free of monthly charges. Yet, WoW ends up with 9 million users that pay mney each month...

Rooted_Dust4928d ago

I didn't like Guild Wars because outside of the cities the entire game was instanced. You don't have the hope that a higher level character might come along and help you or the fear of an enemy PvP encounter. Guild wars makes you feel like your playing in a box where as with WoW you actually know your playing in a large world, where unexpected things can happen.

snittolo4928d ago

I currently play TR and have touched on pretty much every major MMO out there and except for the oldies TR really shines above the current market. It's gameplay and community so far are amazing and I really hope the game can take off and live to it's full potential.

Rooted_Dust4928d ago

I think the best MMO's are built around two or more opposing playable factions. Everything else feels just like a normal co-op multiplayer game. When your friend and enemies are controlled by real people, it make the gameplay much more rewarding. You have real admiration for your friends, and often real disdain or respect for the opposing side.

StarsCream4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

I have played almost all MMOs out there and still have accounts in a few (WoW, AO, GW). Now out of nowhere I am LOVING Tabula Rasa. I usually dont care a ton for sci-fi mmos, but this is something very different. Its a strange mish-mash of WoW, Mass Effect and Gears of War (i kid you not).

There are bugs that will annoy the crap outta you, some mobs are a total pain (snipers), but the amazing feel of unloading a 100 round clip of bullets into a mob and watching it dance while your xp is on fire at x250% (for multi-kills) and then using a finishing blow to kick the mob in 1/2 and getting double xp for that, is well.... unrivaled.

Leathersoup4928d ago

and on.. and on...

The big draw behind WoW is it's accessibility. Anyone with any computer can run it. Anyone with any game skill can play it. It's not going to be dethroned for a long long time.

Saint Sony4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Tabular Rasa won't beat WoW.

WoW when I first time started it was really really interesting and kept me playing. Mood was just perfect and gameplay really smooth.

Tabula Rasa... right from the start it felt boring for some reason. I did not even want to talk to the NPCs. I waited so much more, it was (to me) huge disappointment. It did not even look that good what I thought it will. Maybe I should have given it a chance, but .. well it did not work for me, I knew it instantly.

I really do wish that the WoW killer comes soon, WoW is getting boring too after 3 years.

Pain4928d ago

WoW is great and all but Therr will be a New King Someday just what and when idk,
mabey New FF MMO? last one was fun just too much err JP~ish~Not~so~NA~friendly~ish

But owells if its Fun what eles maters?

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