The Three Greatest Multiplayer Games Ever

MP1st writer, Graham, discusses his top 3 multiplayer games. Ever.

TheBeast4641d ago

Ah Mario Kart, those were the days. *brings out N64*

Baka-akaB4641d ago

Oddly i prefer the snes mariokart and even more the ds one .

Sunhammer4641d ago

Mario Kart and Street Fighter but no Battlefield 2? Just laughable is all.

Baka-akaB4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

How so ? 3 is a very low number to pick from , and those games deserves easily as much to be there .

They were as genre defining than BF2 if not more , and even more popular .

TheOtherTheoG4641d ago

Battlefield 2 was genre defining?

buckley4641d ago

@TheOtherTheoG Um, yes, yes it was.

evrfighter4640d ago

I'll agree with this list. Though I would make it a top 5 and move mario kart to 4 and put WoW at 3. Goldeneye at 5

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ATi_Elite4641d ago

in NO particular order!!

World of Warcraft - millions of gamers at any one time and is the benchmark for online social gaming. No way in HELL can you mention any multi-player game list and not have WOW on it. I'm no WOW fan and I do not play WOW But I dam sure know how important WOW is to Video Game history.

Street Fighter 2 - brought back millions of gamers to the arcades and helped define head to head tournament gaming. Possibly the greatest arcade game ever plus it did not loose any Gameplay in it's console transition.

John Madden Football - I'll put Madden over Mario Kart (they both have the same party gaming atmosphere and are always played with friends) but I know people who pay their bills by making money from playing Madden like it's a 9 to 5 Job and the Madden phenomenon, culture, and following is just way larger than Mario Kart. Plus Madden is the Gold standard of sports games today with FIFA and MLB the Show being PERFECT examples of Maddens importance to the multiplayer industry since 1988.

Battlefield 2- Defined teamwork in online multiplayer gaming and has yet to be duplicated (planetside is closest) and is the GOLD standard for Online Combat. BF2 has almost perfect balance with it's rock paper scissor format that many DEVS still today just Do NOT understand. Just edges out BF1942 and Quake IMHO.

Counter Strike-The Gold standard for any multiplayer FPS on or offline. Tribes COD Halo TF2 etc etc. all are patterned after the Godfather of FPS. Even Quake was remade in Counter Strike image.

All these titles are still some of the most played MP games on and offline and show no signs of slowing down.

Criminal4641d ago

Counter Strike is my pick.

buckley4641d ago

I expected to find trash picks here. I was wrong. :D

Criminal4641d ago

I'm glad you like the article. :D
It means a lot.

Jasko454641d ago

Would agree with this, and would add to the list; Goldeneye N64.