IGN's Top 10 Picks for Wii in Holiday Buyer's Guide

IGN writes, "You're 72 years old, you've never picked up a controller, and you've got no idea what the Nintendo Wii is. Well you've come to the right place. We present to you the IGN Wii Holiday Buyer's Guide. So sit back, grab a cool glass of nog, and let us do your shopping for you."

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Kuest4928d ago

and mario... that's all I need.

*re checks list* Fine, and I'll take mario strikers too! Might as well.

Darkiewonder4928d ago

During Black Friday. Super Mario Galaxy will be 35 dollars ^^

My List:

Super Mario Galaxy
Paper Mario
Zack and Wiki
Fire Emblem

the worst4928d ago

Battalion Wars 2 noooooo

Bubble Buddy4928d ago

mostly anything made by Nintendo

djt234928d ago

i have like 5 of those games