Vuzix VR920-X HMD for Xbox 360 to be shown at CES 2008

Vuzix received two 2008 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering awards for the upcoming Vuzix VR920-X and LV920-1 video glasses.

The Vuzix VR920-X iWear are specifically for the XBOX 360 gaming console. This HMD allows the user to enter a 3-D gaming world with an integrated 360 degree of freedom head-tracker The VR920-X will be available in January 2008.

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TheXgamerLive4923d ago

This could work out well, Hell I could even lay in bed and be playing Halo 3. Awesome possibilities!

Actually, I can already do that.

goodganja4923d ago

That add on's and gimmicks never work for their $hitty console? They love taken failed ideas and repackaging it as "new" thinking it will do any good.


This garbtrash 3D Shades=Virtual Boy.

Waste money money money money money. Xbots gettin shutdown everyday.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Honeal2g4922d ago

everytime sales figures come out u probably cry ur self to sleep since this "$hity console" is indeed $hiting on ur dreams and aspiration of Ps3 world Domination ... its funny because no matter wat u say to try and downplay x360's success u will be wrong because 360 is actually doin well and i think it will continue to do so after the holiday season until the release of metal gear and or killzone 2 (which ever comes first) then i think ps3 gets there moment of glory but i dont think those 2 games alone will out weigh the amount of quality games on 360..but will greatly impact sales....

Bladestar4922d ago

what do you care?
Besides you are just a Sony fanboy who has testicals for brains... so, what can possibly be taking serioursly coming from you?
If Sony creates something you call it innovation... and if microsoft create something you call it gimmick...
but then again.. wait.. this is not from microsoft... it's from Vuzix!
Just because they decided to make it for the xbox 360 you are flaming it? who can blame them? hello installbase?

Anyways... It will be nice to see if one can watch movies with this. If they get it right I would get one. I can imagine playing COD4 on this.

Darkiewonder4923d ago

lawlz. would be totally funny this will be better than what Virtual Boy couldn't do ;o

iNcRiMiNaTi4923d ago

VR shades corrupt eyes after extensive use of the device and jack thompson makes another speech

lynx1halo4922d ago

Gaming sure has come a long way from jumping with the controller to make mario go farther and higher on the original Nintendo lol now with these shades looking like LaForge in your very own bedroom LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.