Why Funstation 3 Will Rule This Holiday Season

While some of you may be tempted by the new $399 PlayStation 3 for your kids this Christmas, urge you to keep a competitor in mind. The FunStation 3 may look like a cheap PS3 knockoff, and sure, it totally is a cheap PS3 knockoff. But hear Gizmondo's logic out for a second...

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Douchebaggery3989d ago


ha ha, thta's freaking crazy. this thing will sell better than the ps3 this year."

Man you gotta love fanboys!

freakyzeeky3989d ago

That looks sooo cheap! xD

xsteinbachx3989d ago

i just sold my ps3, and i'm off to go pick up my funstation 3 right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.