Shocking Pokemon Announcement: What Will It Be?

Carl B. of writes, "Pokemon director Junichi Masuada is set to make an appearance on Japanese TV show Pokemon Sunday. According to the description of this weekend's episode, Masuada will be making a "massive shock announcement" regarding the Pokemon series. There are loads of different possible announcements for the Pokemon director to make, and with Nintendo's 3DS press conference just hours away, we've narrowed it down to the most probable."

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Moduserous2714d ago

I will never understand the fascination with Pokemon.

mike1up2714d ago

Have you ever played any of the Pokemon RPG titles?

I am not trying to be ignorant, or a fanboy, I really am just curious.

cpayne932714d ago

The GB Color titles were amazing, everyone I knew as a kid played them. So much stuff to do and learn... thats why people love them. I won't play another for a long time though, I've just played so much I got tired of it.

MakiManPR2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Corocoro already revealed the announcement and is a Mewtwo distribution and PokePark 2

RoboRyan2714d ago

I'm in shock that Japan has a TV show called Pokemon Sunday. I can't imagine there would be enough Pokemon-related things every week to make it worthwhile.

Desert Turtle2714d ago

The mostly just dress up as Pikachu and dance for 30 minutes.

Jack_DangerousIy2714d ago

That IS "shocking"! Ahah ahah ahah...hah hah.... I'm not funny. -_-


lizard812882714d ago

They also have a guy with a Hitler Mustache too. I wouldn't mind if America got his.

AronDeppert2714d ago

Meh at Pokepark.

But I love event Pokemon of all sorts.

RoboSpiff2714d ago

id murder for a pokemmo

spektical2714d ago

nintendo sitting on a gold mind, and wont do it....

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The story is too old to be commented.