Halo Anniversary: Microsoft Raises the Bar For HD Remastering

Not to be out done by Sony's onslaught of remastered titles, and the epic remasterization(Yes, I just said that) of God of War: Origins Collection , Microsoft has taken the remastered version of Halo Combat evolved to an entirely new level. Currently we are all experiencing a flood of remastered PS2 & original XBox games, some of which have sequels that have yet to creatively out perform the originals. Halo just might be one of the those games- not that we are saying that. As you know, Halo: Combat Evolved is one of the games being remade in glorious HD.

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yewles12715d ago

1152 x 648 (confirmed by DF) is not exactly HD...

Convas2715d ago

They're running two distinct engines OVER each other, new lighting, and FXAA. Of course that'll cause some system strain.

TheMyst2715d ago

It's kinda funny because 360 fanboys kept bashing PS3 and SONY for releasing HD remasters, but when MS does it's all cool and great. I look forward to Halo Anniversary but I find it funny.

Blogz4Fanboys2715d ago

@the myst. hypocrisy is just one of the facets of fanboyism. just adapt and overcome.

we all know n4g is a hotbed of fanboyism...

on topic, cant wait for halo remake either

aman84r2714d ago

While your point is valid.This is an anniversary edition with completely different graphics engine and not just HD .

Captain Qwark 92714d ago

prob becuase alot more work went into this HD remake than most, how many sony remakes have comepletely redone visuals and with the ability to switch back and forth between the old and new graphics on the fly??? add into that bringing online multiplayer to a previously LAN/splitscreen only game....bash the 360 fanboys all you want but a comment like that clearly shows you are nothing but a fanboy yourself....

either way i welcome the HD remakes but taking a note from how they did this one would not be a bad thing for speaking of, im going to go pick up the GOW orgins collection in a week.....

BlmThug2714d ago

They only done it once. What other game have they done?

pixelsword2714d ago

@ BlmThug:

What other game can they do?

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Muffins12232710d ago

nice picture?You?Anyway better than hd sony ones cause they dont use a new engine

BobbyMcCOOL2715d ago

Looks as good as any other Halo Game this generation, I was impressed

X_GAMER_X2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

And when is Halo not raising the bar :D lol, that was cheesy
Can not wait for this, as for raising the bar, it always dos, graphix arnt everything. Look at ******* or ****** or ****** etc and you know how many plays those games

jwk942715d ago

I want to say something pro-sony here, but i can't, i loved Comat Evolved!

Silly gameAr2715d ago

Oh my god. I predicted this headline coming and comments like X Gamers.

It always goes from "blah blah doesn't matter" until their favorite console gets something, then it's "raising da bar" with these guys.

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The story is too old to be commented.