Ninja Gaiden 3: What We Need To See

Cmack of TLR writes "Take online elements all the way, providing co-op missions, deathmatches, as well as the already established leaderboard scores and whatnot. If they fleshed it out instead of making it a throwaway single mode or one-off addition to the main campaign, it could really add to the game’s longevity."

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tplarkin72714d ago

The series is doomed without Tomonobu Itagaki.

dark-hollow2714d ago

i dont know but i dint like the gameplay demo.
too much executions that kinda ruin the game flow.

Andreas-Sword2713d ago

Ninja Gaiden 3 will be the best Ninja Gaiden ever!

Hozi2714d ago

There may still be hope...If NG3 does indeed have online coop/deathmatch I'll buy day 1.

the article mentions that not many third person action games venture online except maybe Uncharted. Don't forget Assassins Creed is doing it as well. I would greatly welcome Online play in all games of this genre. It would certainly add to the replay value.

Coop alone could be a breakthrough, but imagine if you could go online and face off against other players in there own customizable outfits, weapons, could score karma to raise your leaderboard score and also could obtain in game credits to purchase items, weapons, etc...

FEARprototype2714d ago

let's see...the game need..more blood and flying limbs everywhere, that's all.

ABizzel12713d ago

I think Ninja Gaiden needs to borrow some mechanics from Assassin's Creed and Tenchu, and truly evolve into a newish game.

I don't think it should be open world, but open environment yes. The assassination idea is cool, and it would allow stealth gameplay to enter into the mix since ninja are suppose to be stealthy.

I think the focus of the game should still complete remain on action, like what it already has, but they need to tweak and improve the combat system.

I think they spent too much time looking at the competition instead of thinking what can we do to refresh, improve , or reboot the NG series. Story is the only thing they should be taking from God of War not implementing QTE's.

Itagaki was running the series into the ground as well, because NG 2 was the worst in the series (counting the jump to 3D from 2D), and he developed that game (followed by Sigma 2). Here's hoping for a complete reboot for the next consoles, and a new engine. That ening looked great on the Xbox and PS2, but it's dated on the PS3 and 360, so get a new engine or starting licensing. And hire a professional screenwriter to work for you guys, and voice work.