WWE ’12 Collector’s Edition Detailed

The WWE ’12 Collector’s Edition is currently scheduled to offer the following items:

Foil sleeve cover packaging featuring The Rock

Copy of WWE ’12 videogame

The Rock playable in-game character...

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Blacktric2716d ago

I'll wait for the über rare version that comes with steroids and a book that explains how to fake a fight to gain the hearts of redneck audience.

SephirothX212716d ago

Lol. Yeah that's the stereotype and I can understand why but the wrestling audience are not just rednecks. For example, I live in Ireland and have always been a wrestling fan and I'm the complete opposite of a redneck. The WWE wellness program suspends wrestlers who take steroids so steroids are not an issue any more. The problem with wrestling is that its pg and now aimed towards children. Though it was great in the attitude era. Also, wrestling would be rubbish if not fake because there would be very few fights a year.

BlmThug2716d ago

Rednecks?! Im from the Uk and i love WWE mainly because its entertaining. sure its lost its way from the good old attitude era days but its still entertaining

Wintersun6162714d ago

The link gives me a page not found.