Guide to Creating, Uploading, Downloading, and Installing PS3 Themes provides a guide to users on how to create, upload, view, download, and install custom PlayStation 3 themes. If you are new to all of this, this guide will help you get started and on your way.

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squallsoft4923d ago

join the forum and post three times (i suggest posting in the lobby) and gain access to thier extensive themes database! i currently have about 35 different themes installed on my ps3. the final fantasy ones are especially cool!

NoUseMerc4923d ago

Yeah I saw that site...pretty good. I signed up and saw a few I liked. I got the Calvin and Hobbes one dled on my PS3. Btw, has a theme section too, with over 100 themes already and more constantly coming in. It's user driven so it's pretty much updated every time a new theme comes out.

mighty_douche4923d ago

is it possible to download themes off the ps3's browser? and if so how do you install them?

i know off the PS store they come with the installer bundled in the file, or do i have to download them on my pc and transfer them via USB key or memory stick?

SmokeyMcBear4922d ago

well if you want to download them from the ps3 web browswer, I think you have to have a storage device, whether it be a memory stick or external hdd connected to the ps3. Now as far as installing them from the the storage device.. you got me there.

d3l33t4922d ago

DL them str8 to your HDD and it will automatically show up on the theme selection!

Str8 from your browser ;)

This is by far the COOLest thing they have given us yet! I love it!

n_n4922d ago

i'll check those out.. thanks guys

INehalemEXI4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago ) allows theme downloading straight from ps3 web browser to PS3 HDD.

They dont have that many themes there yet though.

Look in your settings part of your XMB , you will see theme settings. In Theme settings you will see an Install option and all the themes you have on your ps3. Install and then apply the one you want to use.

AllroundGamer4922d ago

i've got a problem with the wallpapers in the themes, some of them just won't show up, like in GOW or COD4 themes, i copied and installed them 3 times and still no wallpaper, just the icons... does anybody else has the same problem? i already tried switching from 1080p to 720p but still the same problem :(

d3l33t4922d ago

maybe no HD wallpaper?

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