Deus Ex Retro Review (Empty Lifebar)

"There was just something magical about the early 2000′s when it came to PC gaming. Many of the best titles in the history of PC gaming were released in this transitional period of the new millennium. Deus Ex was released in 2000. A generation raised on X-files and Sci-Fi movies was ready for a new game that combined their love of gaming and conspiracy theories and both Eidos and Ion Storm were very much ready to give it to them."

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ATi_Elite2713d ago

Still one of the greatest games ever!!

Wish they would remake it with the new Engine!

Foxton012713d ago

you should, if you're not too focused on graphics. It still has (imo) the best story in a video game to date.

zerocrossing2713d ago

I played it but never got too far :/ still the little I did play was awesome!

gillri2713d ago

I played it cause I got back into PC gaming at around that time

plus I had just played Shenmue (my faovurite game ever with Deus ex) and was obsessed with asian culture. The second I saw Hong Kong was a major city in Deus Ex I got it straight away and wasnt disappointed