Toshiba, NEC working on next-gen 32nm chips

Through the new 40GB PS3, we've recently seen how using tiny 65nm electronic circuits can lead to lower power consumption, so it's encouraging to hear of the possibility of even smaller designs on the drawing board.

Although Toshiba, NEC and Fujitsu agreed in July to work together on 32nm chips, uncertainty on the part of Fujitsu has prevented them making progress. As of yesterday, Toshiba and NEC have agreed to press on regardless.

The two-part plan to begin production of the 32nm chips by 2010, which will keep the evolution of circuitry with ever-finer connections on track after the 45nm chips is due next year.

Shrinking the size of the components used in chips, such as the Cell processor that powers the PlayStation 3, both makes them more efficient and saves on manufacturing costs. Nevertheless, the outlay required to develop each new generation is substantial, a fact that prompted the three-way tie-up in the first place.

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Lord Anubis4928d ago

32nm chips for PS3 in late 2008 will be provided by IBM.

Monkeynator4928d ago

Where did you hear IBM had 32nm chips ready for 2008? And did it say that they would be using them in the PS3, or just making them? I know the cell is used in server blades provided by IBM, so I'm always suspect as to people's assumptions that the CELL developments and PS3 are one in the same.