Unwinnable asks what worth is the Wii in 2011

Matt Marrone continues his Rookie of the Year segment with a look back at his dust Nintendo Wii.

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stragomccloud2716d ago

Wow. This article is really negative.
Honestly, the Wii was awesome until this year. Only Zelda and Kirby coming out. Now... if you live in Europe, then the Wii is still awesome, because they aren't run by Reggie.

mike1up2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I agree with what you said about the value of having all the old (classic) games on Virtual Console. I have always been a sucker for nostalgia myself.

As a Nintendo fanboy i want to be mad (my Wii doesnt look like ass!), but i can't. You bought both the Wii and the 360... and you liked the 360 a lot more. There's no crime in that. I also agree with what you said about the game drought. I am definitely picking up Zelda in November. But unless Xenoblade and Last Story come to the US, i will have nothing new to play.

ShaunCameron2716d ago

The article may have been harsh, but the author do have a point. Of all the Wii games that I bought and played this year, none of them came out this year. All of them had a 2010 or earlier release date.

stragomccloud2715d ago

Very true. I don't think I've bought any Wii games this year. Though I still play older games that I haven't completed yet. This is the first year that my PS3 and Xbox 360 have been getting almost non stop loving. Wow that sounds like a euphemism.