Unreal Tournament 3 interview: PS3 love over X360, mods and more

Eurogamer has made an interview with Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein.

Eurogamer: Alright. Let's talk about the game for a bit. (Noise of clunking levers, screeching tracks, screaming passengers.) Previously Epic always seemed eager to cram loads of new, experimental ideas into the UT games, while UT3 seems a lot narrower in scope. Why?

Mark Rein: We wanted to simplify the game a little bit and concentrate on the really popular modes. Obviously Onslaught was the most popular mode in Unreal Tournament 2004 so we wanted to make sure we improved that quite a bit with this new Warfare gametype, and that meant not having as many crazy gametypes as we had before. And hey, the mod guys are gonna fill in any holes, trust me. They're gonna do amazing stuff with this game.

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Skerj4921d ago

Sheesh for the last time it's not PS3 love over 360 anymore than Gears of War was 360 love over the PS3. This game was ALWAYS slated to come to PS3, the success of Gears swayed it to come to the 360 as well. That said I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited for the next Make It Unreal contest, see you all there.

Jandre024921d ago

lookś like extra pś3 love to me. if they make ut3 for the xbox, gow2 gets delayed

mighty_douche4921d ago

what was the prize last year, $1,000,000 or something crazy!

shame you cant build mods on the ps3, but just being able to play them is a step forward for console gamers. lets hope M$ stop being tight f*ckers with live and allow mods on that system to, thats the main plus point of any UT game, its mod community, if the xbox dont get it then i feel very sorry for you guys. the ps3 fanbase will never let you forget it.

Kleptic4921d ago

UT3 ship dates on the 360 will have no affect on Gears 2...depending on how much of a step forward Gears 2 is over the original, it still may come out at the end of 2008 (not extremely likely, but possible)...but UT3 and Gears 1 were in development together very early in the UE3's optimization period...they can probably port out UT3 very quickly on the 360...and despite what that other thread said, the game is most likely fairly far along on the 360 anyway...

what sucks for 360 owners isn't even when they get it...its what MS allows with the UGC...most 360/non-pc owners are not even close to aware of how a UT game ends up being about 30 great games in one...usually for free after the initial purchase...quake 1/II/III and the original half life are the only games that stand toe to toe with UT as far as mod communities go, and they have since fallen off the map...but MS probably won't budge on this...Rein basically admitted that over the past several months they haven't even tried to work it out yet...and he has said numerous times that if they don't get the mod support from MS that they want, the game will not come out on their platform...end of story...

but this does nothing to Gears 2...Gears 2 was most likely started right after the first one went gold...true once UT3 finishes on the 360 the Gears 2 development team may grow substantially...but Epic did a good job of juggling between UT3 and Gears 1...shouldn't be a problem next time either...its a pretty big well run company...

mighty_douche4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

great comment! i couldnt be assed to write all that lol! COD later? ill be on.

EDIT: oops i actual was talking about your comment below!

Skerj4921d ago

The prizes were crazy last time man, grand prize won pretty much enough stuff to start a small game dev studio. You also won a full Unreal Engine license that included UE3. I can't wait for this one.

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green4921d ago

can someone please explain to me what MODS is

Salvadore4921d ago

Games like CounterStrike, Team fortress (not sure about this one), DOTA and etc.

mighty_douche4921d ago

UT3 will ship with the exact software that Epic used to create the game itself, potentailly if you had the time and the skill you could do anything thats been done with the Unreal Engine.

this doesnt mean you can simply make new levels or weapons, but you can produce a whole new game, new texture, new sound, new particale effect, anything, your only limited by you understanding.

Kleptic4921d ago

it is basically a legal version of which you are given open game code as part of the purchase...

with games like UT3...what you are buying is actually the engine...they give you a decent game to show what it can do at first...but the fact that you can legally manipulate the code and literally build your own game out of it is where it shines...there are rules, like its illegal to then start selling the mod for your own profit and stuff...but Epic has multiple contests, with some pretty serious money involved as winnings...

This isn't forge or anything like that (lots of people attempt to compare the two)...this game comes with a mod creator that will let you do absolutely anything you includes texture banks, so you can use what Epic did...but still supports the extremely tedious process of doing that yourself...

UT games get hundreds of mods each generation...some are huge and change everything...some are small and only minorly change the UT game itself (new weapons...something to that nature)...some mods suck...some are fantastic...and most are completely free...

this is what makes UT one of the best franchises in gaming...this is why most people that know anything about PC gaming are excited about this coming to a console, and still having that support...people that don't know anything about what a PC mod community is like, usually say "I wouldn't buy it anyway"...

bababrooks4921d ago

mods= someone that fights against the rockers on margate beach. a bit like sony vs xbox on this site!

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Strangelet PT4921d ago

First the point here is that UT3 is not an AAA title. At least for the 360. It has Halo 3, COD 4, Mass Effect, etc.. PS3 has no AAA FPS.
So they moved to Sony camp.

The best part is that THIS game will sell better on the 360. I believe that it will surpass the 1M mark on PS3 but this folk Mark Rein will close that stupid mouth when the 360 sales eclipse the FlopStation 3 ones.

DEADEND4921d ago

"BY THE GODS" do us all a favor and just STFU, jump off MS d1ck and get your head out of your @ss. It's people like you that makes it hard to enjoy this site, that's why I haven't been on like I used to. I'm getting real sick of people like you.

waldopepper4921d ago

Why will he shut his mouth if 360 copies outsell PS3? That means more money for him and his company. Am I missing something here - he hasn't actually bashed the 360. Here, he's just saying that it's more difficult to code around the 'closed' Live system for mods - sounds like the main reason for the delay to the 360 version.

Interesting question the interviewer brought up - he quite rightly wants the MOD writers to recoup money for their work, but only through console downloads and not PC? Is this purely because you can't easily control mod downloads on PC?

bruiser814921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

last i checked COD4 is multipalt, so by my count the PS3 has two "AAA" fps resistance being the other. Your statement reaks of Troll-sh1t

SabreMan4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

you state cod4 as a AAA title on the 360 but say the PS3 has no AAA titles -- do i need to tell you whats wrong with your statement

regarding UT and it's status, as a franchise it's unsurpased i think the hundreds of thousands maybe millions of UT fans are just laughing at you righ now.
The 360 has nothing like UT3 at this stage and as for your claims of sales, if it's not as you claim a AAA title on the 360 why would anybody buy it.

why don't you do us all a favour and keep your irrelevant, blinkered fanboy posts to yourself and get back under your bridge with your dunce hat on

EDIT below

ok mate fair enough apologies for jumping down your throat

i hate the term AAA because in reality it's irrelevant and doesn't mean anything, however as were discussing such things a AAA game is a AAA game irrespective of platform and Cod4 is just that AAA.
Unreal Tournament as a franchise is AAA so in that respect UT3 is AAA even before it's released, the only thing sEGA did wrong with VF5 on the ps3 was rush it's release which they have openly admitted.
It's still a stunning game on both consoles, as for MGS4 again AAA even before it's released simply because it's MGS it will sell millions of copies and maybe a few consoles to (sarcasm)

you should take your blinkers off tho, be a little more subjective and open minded

Strangelet PT4921d ago

Sorry about Call of Duty 4 on the PS3.

What I wanted to say is that games like COD4 are selling much much better on the MS console.
COD4 is the same on both consoles but in my opinion, 360 guys see it as a AAA title and PS3 guys doesn't. The same to R&C.. very high notes but not driving PS3 sales.

I see UT3 as a better deal to PS3 guys than to 360 guys, but 360 version will sell much better.

UT3 is a AAA title for PC gamers, not for console gamers.
And I believe this game will be the PS3's Halo on online gamming, at least for now.

What I don't like is Mark R. putting the 360 version back and saying it's because of the MODS. He's seeing that UT3 is no competition to Mass Effect or Halo 3 so he's going all the way to Sony's system.

But he will see the error he's making. As SEGA did with VF5 and Konami will do with MGS4.

Skerj4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

Hah IW thought the same thing between the 360 and PS3 and were proven wrong the hard way when PS3 users swarmed the servers. Good games are good games regardless of the system. PS3 owners deserve the same amount of time and effort in multiplats that 360 owners get, Infinity Ward did it and it's paying off for them.

As for Sega and VF5, I know a lot of people who would go purchase the game on PS3 right now if it were online. Myself being one of them, I bought Tekken 5:DR for that reason alone even though I already own T5 on PS2 and DR on PSP. But as it's been said by Sega, the PS3 version will not be getting an online patch. Konami isn't making a mistake for MGS4 either that game will sell systems like gangbusters as a lot of people bought their PS3s for it and a lot without systems are waiting for it to come out.

Did anyone say that Epic was making a mistake by bringing Gears of War to the 360 last year? I'm actually buying 2 copies of UT3, the Collector's Edition on PC and the PS3 version so I can mod and play with friends on both platforms. For your sake I hope you guys get over your hangups that you aren't getting UT3 until later, but if not oh well I'll still be playing it.

bruiser814921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

@3.5, personally i feel that VF5 didn't sell on the ps3 because of online, and tekken. I have always favored tekken over VF so the fact that they went multi-plat makes no difference to me. i own it but never play it. It probably wont sell to well on 360 either since its swarmed with FPS so i don't really see the advantage. As far a ME VS UT3 i don't even know why you even made that statement, one is a proven franchise while the other has potential. Proven always beats potential. With regards to MGS4, what they don't sell here i'm sure they will make up in Japan. I'm fairly certain that it will sell extremely well both here in the states and Japan. I don't really think any of the points you just made tread too much water against Sony.

borntodie0074921d ago

im am sure that the mods can be made into anything...anygame...? in ut04 i saw a halo mod which was excatly like halo but it was only online.. i bet when the games comeout some1 will make gears mod which is possible but im sure it illegal. they even stated it

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green4921d ago

so what exactly will you be modifying?and why is it not possible on the 360?sorry dont play games with my PC so dont know much about it.

mighty_douche4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

within reason and this is an extreme example, with the software supplied you could potentially build any game thats currently on the unreal engine, bioshock, gears.

with regards to why its not on the 360, im not sure, rumour say its something to do with how M$/live operates, personally id think its something apart from that but i dont want to speculate.

malingenie4921d ago

I'm taking this opportunity to thank all Xbots, specially ones like #3. These guys help the PS3 community by making PS3 titles have more attention (Look at Hottest Games in Home Page). Thanks to their incessant trolling in PS3 articles, they help get more hits into my community.
Once again thanks you, thank you, thank you!
Mart, I have a special Thank you for you as well! I think you singlehandedly put PS3 games in the map for many people. Thanks!

DEADEND4921d ago

That was funny, thanks man I really needed a good laugh after reading Strangelet PT comment. Bubbles for you.

Strangelet PT4921d ago

I have my opinion and you have yours.
I don't know you so go f_ck yourself.

What I see is that I'm a gamer. I don't have to pick a side, I have an X360 and if I want I will buy a PS3.

So f_ck MS and f_ck Sony. And F_CK you.

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