PlayStation Plus Subscription Promotion Launched

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has launched a new promotion for the PlayStation Plus subscription service, offering PlayStation 3 gamers a 20% discount off the annual fee. PlayStation Plus is home to some of the most exciting content available on PlayStation Store, bringing new and exclusive games and special offers every month.

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Goozex2715d ago

good deal i just joined and im playing plants vs zombies for free. Man that game is sooo addicting.

DlocDaBudSmoka2715d ago

yea my son who is 10, started playing that over the weekend, and had a blast. then wished things like that could really happen,lol.

SuperStrokey11232715d ago

I got that too, its really good! Im at world 4-6. Love it!

geddesmond2715d ago

I foolishly bought the one year subscription when the service launched and I honestly think its the biggest waste of money. I wouldn't renew it if it cost 10 euros for the year.

Let me tell yous why.

The discounts they give ain't worth a bollocks because something a lot of people havn't noticed is how PSN games have became dearer to buy. Before PSN you could buy games for 7.99 euro and 9.99 euro. Now games are either 12.99 or 14.99. So a 20% discount is really just giving you the game at what it used to cost and none PSN plus subscribers are the ones paying for it. The 50% off AC is crap too because you can buy a retail copy for less than 10 euros now.

The dynamic themes are specially made for Plus users and they all look crap.

The Avatars they give for free are only worth 25 cent anyway and they give the crapest looking ones away.

And finally the free games they give away each month are either shit games that have been out for a few years or games that you have already bought because lets face it if a PSN game was good you would have bought it already.

Then theres the 2 PS minis. What a load of crap they are. I wouldn't even buy any of those for my phone let alone my PS3 and the PS1 classics lol really. When I say PS1 classics I think MGS1, RE 1,2,3 GTA 1,2 excetera, not the crap ones they have given throughout the whole year.

Cloud saving and automatic downloads is useless too because you only get 150 MB of cloud saving and you need to have the games left in your PS3 for thenm to download patches and shit. What if you wanted to download 2 patches?

Canary2715d ago

Very true. PSN+ is completely and utterly worthless. I can't believe there are people out there dumb enough to fall for it.

MaxXAttaxX2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Total value of discounts ($453+ worth of content which you keep) and free games($350) + DLC is much higher than what you paid for the subscription. [free games] [discounts]

And how is cloud saving useless? Do you even know how much 150MB is? All PS3 game save files are somewhere between 50k and 2MBs.
You could get at least 100 game saves!

@ Canary,
Just because the content available isn't of your liking, doesn't mean it's "utterly worthless" or that people are dumb.

@ geddesmond,
Your fault for not doing your research first.

Christopher2715d ago

We're all allowed our own opinion, I just think your opinion sucks.

FAGOL2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

PS Plus isn't for everyone. People who want some minis, PS1 games and a free PSN game will get this. I like the service. Although i'm hoping they implement some new features.

Stop bitching no one is forcing you to buy it. People who buy renew their Plus subscription obviously like the service. I enjoy getting a game every month and playing it to death then deleting it.

These discounts are a bonus and i've only bought a few discounted add ons and games. With RE4 with 50% off I think that's a great discount.

I don't know what people like you are expecting from this service.

Edit: O yeah and you said the exclusive themes suck. Are you mad? They're some of the best themes I have.

geddesmond2715d ago Show
FAGOL2715d ago

RE4 will be availible in Europe just like in the US when it Releases on the 20th!

And if you own alot of PSN games and wanted more games what were you expecting?

This service isn't for you, I think you were expecting them to give you whatever you don't have.

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GuyManDude2715d ago

Not true. PS Plus got me the following PSN games for free that I did not own:

Wipeout HD
Critter Crunch
Mushroom Wars

All great games. It also got me six Genesis games: Sonic, Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe, Comic Zone, and Altered Beast.

I can't speak for Europe, but the PS1 games the US got for free are awesome. Spiro 1-3, Syphon Filter, Medievil, Jet Moto, and next week we get all three Resident Evil games free.

And the discounts. Soldner-X bundle saved me $7, saved $5 on Super Stardust HD dlc, $5 on a Killzone 3 map pack, $3 off Dead Nation, $5 off Mega Man 10, all three Warhawk map packs for free, etc.

And my subscription still has three months left.

StarWolf2715d ago

add it up bro, you lost like 5 bucks.

Szarky2715d ago

For me personally I don't feel like I got my monies worth although I did enjoy being able to save my game saves to the cloud + automatic downloads. Everything else (discounts+freebies) I didn't take advantage of as I rarely ever saw anything I wanted or I already had bought it previously.

I would pay 10 or 20 bucks for cloud saves+auto d/l's though. Wish they would do that as a spin off side package.

Not renewing in Dec.

Ravenge2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I won't renew my subscription, for sure. It's not worth it. The ONLY cool thing was Plant versus Zombies.. and UC3 beta. Also, I think the 60mins trial games are useless.. just give me a longer demo, I don't wanna start a new game! It often takes forever to actually start playing so I only end up playing less than 30 mins of gameplay. People would need to buy alot of crappy games to fully "enjoy" PS PLUS.. because let's face it.. it's pretty much all there is.. from mini games to ps1 games..passing by themes/avatars and some betas that comes to non-ps plus members anyway.. there's not much more.. oh and I really don't care about ps1 games and minis.. give me some new games already.. I just find it hilarious that they announce a "discount" .. lmao 20% is a joke. Unless they upgrade to better premium content, I'm out. It's just my opinion so no need for trolling.

kreate2715d ago

ya man. dont do anymore ps plus stuff. its not for u guys.
i dont have it either and im surprised at the amount of ppl who are plus members that are in my friends list.

i never tried ps plus but i guess its worth it when i see ppl on my friends list being a plus member.

than i see ppl like u hating on it.

now i just got to try it to see how good/bad it really is im curious.