Gears of War: 15 Awesomest Moments Ever

NowGamer is gearing up for the launch of Gears of War 3 this week, with a new article on the series each day. This one looks at the 15 greatest moments from the series so far.

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Kyur4ThePain2718d ago

"Awesomest" - that about sums it up.

Anon19742718d ago

The Gears, Mad World commercial is one of my favorite pieces of game marketing of all time. I loved the despair, the futility it conveyed with the subdued music while Marcus faced off against a foe the size of a building.

Also, can`t argue with this list. The first time I used the Hammer of Dawn felt epic. I don`t know if I had experienced anything like that in a videogame up to the point. It was so satisfying. Just made you want to pump your fist in the air. The Beserker fight as well, I remember my wife was playing co-op with me at the time (she`s not the biggest gamer, so playing Gears was a huge milestone) and the panic we both had trying to avoid the Beserker was a sheer blast. One of my favorite gaming moments of all time. :)

RevXM2718d ago

"If in doubt, shoot at the cock."

But yeah those were some good moments.
They even got my fav Cole moment there to.
"... We're gonna whoop ur mommas ass! whooo!"

JeffGUNZ2718d ago

I can't wait, this time next week I'll be giddier then a school girl!