Why HD-DVD costs less than Blu-Ray

HD-DVD has a natural price advantage over Blu-Ray, and that's helping it win fans around the world. Or so claims HD-DVD spokeman Olivier Van Wynendaele.

Van Wynendaele argues that selling next-gen players at low prices is the key if the HD DVD and Blu-Ray camps are ever to persuade people to part from there existing DVD players and movie collections.

Van Wynedaele goes into more detail on why Blu-Ray tech costs more, a US study and the Playstation 3.

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Multigamer4961d ago

i shall be getting the hd-dvd add on for the 360 this crimbo, cant wait to watch transformers in HD

JsonHenry4961d ago

I like the price of HD-DVD. But I HOPE that Blu-Ray wins because it is a the better format.

cuco334961d ago

HD DVD is the better format. It is more pro-consumer than blu has been or can ever be.

BD's disk is a better physical disk w/potential for more capabilities (not massively better than HD DVD, just better) but certainly not a better format and this is where if both groups could have settled their differences we would have an excellent format. Sadly greed begets differences and we now have 2 formats that do roughly the same thing for HDM.
The day BD launched with the spec unfinished was the day I've been saying this from the get go. Plus, DRM (BD+) and region coding isn't pro consumer. Neither is more expensive players for the same PQ/AQ as well as solely relying on a game console. Take all that away and more storage capacity with higher bitrate and antiscratch coating opens doors.

BrianC62344961d ago

That's news to me. Blu-ray has a huge lead all over the world. HD DVD is taking its last breath. Good try though HD DVD. Nice fire sale you guys are having. Even more reason to stay away though. Why end up with an orphaned player? It will only play DVDs in the future and those are dirt cheap now.

mighty_douche4961d ago

well like alot of people claim about Xbox Live, you get what you pay for!

fredy4961d ago

you get Extra features that BD is lacking. Ethernet connections.. and so on..

Do you know that when Bluray is finalized they are going to have function, the really old players won't?
Your gonna be screwed if you own an early stand-alone player.

I never understood why studios backed an unfinished product like Blu-Ray. I know there was money involved. Or at least something in it for everyone.

In the end Price will matters.

fury4961d ago

...and be able to now produce Blu-ray discs in DVD factories with a little upgrade.
keeping this in mind even an idiot could figure out that Blu-ray will be significantly cheaper in course of the next months.

ravinash4961d ago

And yet the costs of the product on the shelf is hardly less than that for the BlueRay.
No, I'll be sticking with my PS3 to play HD films.

Leon_Blu4961d ago

Its as simple as that. Its dvd 1.5, cant even hold true HD sound on lousy 30gb.

Listen to the top dog at Pioneer. Blu-ray is a truly next generation HD format, and hd-dvd is just a mid upgrade

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The story is too old to be commented.