The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: 20 Minutes Of Xbox 360 Gameplay Footage

We've just got our hands on over 20 minutes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gameplay footage. In these videos, Game Director Todd Howard guides players through the Skyrim demo shown behind closed doors at E3 and most recently to fans at QuakeCon and PAX Prime. Captured on the Xbox 360, all three segments are available for download via the quick links below.


Two more videos on the site.

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NYC_Gamer2718d ago

One of the few games I'll be buying this winter

news4me2718d ago

I'm starting to think that this is the only actual gameplay in the game since it's the only demo they seem to have lol

grailly2718d ago

yeah, the credits surely role after you beat that frost dragon lol.

It's weird how they always use the same spells and same weapons at the same places. They could have used fury on the mammoths and breath fire one the skeletons i.e. it would be the same content, just changing it up a little.

LOGICWINS2718d ago

Shocked that this is running on the 360. The shadow and lighting effects look incredible!

edhe2718d ago

It's taken a few years but they've really done good with this new engine.

It looks *great*.

Can't wait to see how it scales up for the next gen...

inveni02717d ago

It does look good for the 360, but I'm not happy with the draw distance on ground foliage. And that's why I'll be getting the PC version. Oblivion let you modify the configuration files to get better draw distance, so that kind of tweaking is what I'm looking for this time.

the_best_player2718d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gray-Fox-Type02718d ago

Game Of The Year?
Game Of This Whole Generation?
Game Of The Decade?
Game Of All Time?

This game will be played for a very very long time...

BeOneWithTheGun2718d ago

I prefer to call it GOMY (Game Of My Life)

thematrix12982718d ago

Show me some ps3 footage Bethesda, i have this game pre-ordered already. Put some faith in our version.

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Wizziokid2718d ago

can't wait to get my hands on this!

MrSpace2718d ago

Why do they say it's easier to demo it on the 360 when they aren't showing this off to a crowd.

Surely they could of taken their time to show PS3 footage or PC footage. Since this hasn't been shown off to a crowd as a demo and also it was delayed. Come on Bethesda, I think all this "both versions will be the same" is a load of crap.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32718d ago

360 is probably lead platform.

WhiteLightning2718d ago

They may aswell come out and say it though no point BS and saying that they will be both the same when we know that their lying.

It makes them look bad at the end of the day

dark-hollow2718d ago Show
WhiteLightning2718d ago

Dark Hallow the thing about you is that you try and make people look like fanboys and trolls so you can get bubbled up but the fact is I don't honestly care about Battlefield 3 that much.

As I've said below at my other comment I'm still deciding on what version to get...yeah I have both consoles, I highly doubt a "PS3 fanboy" would have an Xbox 360. I even said in a Battlefield 3 article in the past that EA should come out and say the PS3 version will be better because it will make them look like liars, just like I'm saying here towards bethesda so please...please get your facts right before you comment.

Honestly it's all you do, you look out for people with a slighty negative comment, reply to them with "Justice Mode" on, hoping to get a Well said bubble. If your going to write a comment make sure it's on topic.


dark-hollow2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

No whitelightning. It's my way of revelaing the so claimed "non-biased" gamers.

When I see a lot of guys for example, never responding to xbox 360 trolls whatsoever.
No matter how stupid what they said, you won't see any reply from the "normal" gamers, but as soon as a ps3 troll shows up, they write whole paragraphs!!

Same with gaming news. A game with frame rate issues on his favorite console = doesn't care
A frame rate issues with a game on the "other" console then he suddenly care!

It is the double standards that I hate
What happend? Aren't they suppose to be "real" gamers?
Am not saying they should replly to anyone but you got my point.

P.S I never write "crowd pleasers" comments. I just write what's on my mind no matter how the majority disagrees.

NukaCola2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I'm getting this on PS3, so it's great to hear the team is putting enough extra effort to ensure that it's the same as the 360 version. To be honest, getting rid of the Gamebryo Engine is probably the best thing for the console in general. And although they are only showing this on 360, this is still one of the most impressive games I have ever seen, and am sure the PS3 version will still be very good. I mean, just look at this damn game. It looks like it's going to blow every previous Bethesda game out of the water. I can't believe this isnt on multiple discs. Getting this day one.

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thehitman2718d ago

Its probably marketing rights or thats what they felt like displaying to get 360 gamers to buy their game that most wouldnt normally. W/e the reason may be its money behind it lol.

GameOn2718d ago

Xbox gamers been playing elder scrolls since last gen. It'll sell fine.

Twilightx72718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

You're incorrect, this demo was shown to a crowd, at least twice - once at E3, and most recently (that I can recall) at QuakeCon. QuakeCon marked the first publicly shown demo, and it was demoed on the 360, because they say it's easier. I'll take their word for it.

Edit: Also at Pax Prime, apparently I don't know how to read video descriptions.

YodaCracker2718d ago

After watching the PAX footage, it's so great to see the gameplay without a crowd of buffoons shouting in the background.

"Water!!! Water!!!"

"Rape her!"

"Kill her!!!!"

Anyone who watched that footage knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Marcus Fenix2718d ago


u forgot "Teabag Him!!"

Gray-Fox-Type02718d ago

I am getting abit worried for the PS3 version though...i wanted to get this on PS3, but Xbox 360 one looks AMAZING. Dont say PS3 versions once again will be some shitty port with bugs

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RedDead2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Same one as usual, wait, may be wrong Nah i'm not actually. why is the music the same as Oblivion sometimes? Surprised it isn't One vid per page on GB

BeardedPriest2718d ago

That isn't the same music as Oblivion. None of what we just heard was in Oblivion. It only sounds similar.

Convas2718d ago

I wasn't really interested in this game ... but seeing this. Man, I really like it. Off to do some research XD

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