Retailer Strikes Up Dragon Quest IV Shortage Fears

Kotaku reports the following news.

"Let's cut to the chase. Square Enix is releasing its Dragon Quest IV DS remake, and this notice popped up at retailer Tsutaya:

'11/22 Sale Date Regarding DS Dragon Quest IV
Since the shipment is limited, it is difficult to guarantee purchase of the game. Because of that, there is a chance customers who haven't pre-reserved the game will not receive a copy. There is a limited number of pre-reserves, so please pre-reserve as soon as possible.'

Wonder if this is a sales ploy or if there is truly a shortage. Square Enix probably wants as many units out there on drop date as possible."

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PS360WII4928d ago

Well so far Square Enix has been rocking on sales with DS titles. Plus this is Dragon Quest which Japan loves to death. I doubt this is a sales ploy. I just wish they'd hurry up with the states releases... FFXI, FFCC, It's a Wonderful World, FFTA2, DQ IV, DQ XI, and that's just DS!

ItsDubC4928d ago

Ya I would've loved to be playing FFIV on my DS this Christmas but w/ the voice-acting, I assume the localization process is taking more time than usual.

PS360WII4928d ago

Bah I can't believe I forgot IV!! >< for shame 40 lashes with a wet noodle!