NPD: Behind the Numbers, August 2011

Gamasutra: One could be forgiven for thinking that a month with two major hardware price cuts would be a time for celebration of higher packaged good sales in the video game industry, but August 2011 just didn't work out that way. While the Nintendo 3DS dropped from $250 to $170 and Sony's PlayStation 3 shed another $50 to $250, consumers largely kept their wallets closed according to the latest NPD Group estimates of retail sales.

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Anon19742719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Wow. US gamers are really in wallet tightening mode. I guess it's hard not to be when I see the news coming out of there. The debt ceiling mess, the lack of jobs, the threat of a double dip recession. I know jobs are a lagging indicator and they shouldn't be expected to just jump up and take off after the recession ended, but when I watch US TV,'s gloomy. And when people stop spending due to the threat of bad economic times, that tap being turned off pretty much guarantees a self fulfilling prophecy. I hope this isn't a signal of overall reduced consumer spending. Those numbers had been looking up.

Or it could just be that there was really nothing decent to buy in August. MS's and Sony's next quarterly results due out next month should be interesting for those watching the industry. I wonder what the worldwide picture looks like in contrast to the US picture?

Edit: Treyb3yond asked "Why don't the other areas of the world have similar reports?" It's kinda a logistics nightmare for Europe as the region is so fractured. There are many marketing companies that do research per country, but they simply don't make these reports public. Where's the money in doing the research if you just give away the data afterwards? NPD was a bit of an anomaly that they were willing to provide the overall figures in the US for the longest time, but now like the other marketing research company`s, they only provide that data to those who pay for it.

Years ago Sony would file supplementary documents along with their financials that provided a breakdown per region, but I don`t think anyone provides this data publicly anymore. Just the overall sales.

Jinxstar2719d ago

No matter what the sales currently. Christmas will open wallets. Maybe not as much as previous years but it will. I know I spend less money then I used to. Especially on games... Then again I did buy a house this year...

gamingdroid2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Me too, I bought a house this year too. Well technically it was in very late December so spending is definitely cut down. I'm down to two must have games day-1 and everything else is secondary.

Congrats though! :D

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32719d ago

I've been spending crazy, just not at retail. eBay...

Treyb3yond2719d ago

NPD. Why doesn't the other areas of the world have similar reports?'s a brainwave, how about just sticking to the only numbers that matter? World wide sales!

GameTavern2719d ago

We don't really get numbers from Europe.
And we get weekly Japanese numbers.

I never get why people come into NPD discussions shouting about world wide numbers.

Its like going to a alt. rock concert and shouting they should be playing country music.

Death2719d ago

Chart Track and Media Crate track sales in Europe and Japan. These companies along with NPD sell the data and don't release it for free. It's not uncommon for the data to leak though which is why we get portions of it monthly. The big three often have press releases announcing the numbers too.

World wide numbers are typically drawn from press releases when a milestone is hit or during annual fiscal reporting to investors.

Sites like VGChartz simply make their numbers up.


kneon2719d ago

If you want the real world wide numbers just wait for each company to release their quarterly financial results.