Nintendo And Sony Roll Out Big Titles

Reuters: "Two new video games from Sony and Nintendo have players exploring jungle islands for lost treasure or skipping across the galaxy to save a kidnapped princess.

On the face of it, Sony's "Uncharted" and Nintendo's "Super Mario Galaxy" can't be more different.

"Uncharted" harnesses the PlayStation 3's graphical muscle to produce a movie-like adventure, while "Super Mario Galaxy" for the Wii uses cartoonish graphics and simple controls to breathe new life into an aging franchise.

The games also answer challenges facing Sony and Nintendo".

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Coke-a-Cola4929d ago

Will the PS3 Ever Catch that clumsy looking Box ?

jackfatal4929d ago

but in reality media put ps3 games low!!

IcemanK24929d ago

What is going on with that picture? It is a Sony picture with a PS3 and a black Wii-like controller. Anyone have a clue where that came from, what the script says, and if it is real?

Ohh and I think most of the PS3s issues are all media created, too bad the general market is buying into them.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4929d ago

It says that Sony rips-off Nintendo. With thier Sixaxis controller i'd have to agree. Sure not completely like the Wiimote but it still does stuff like it.

sonyfanonly4929d ago

they are just now realizing that. what are they going to think in another year when sony has 12 AAA titles are they just going to say well SONY is rolling out the big guns. Sony has surprises so just wait and see

Baddo_Ekkusuchi4929d ago

media dont give justice to ps3 games because of all the hate the ps3 got when the system was released, phucking idiots.

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