The first 10 minutes: Uncharted Part 2

Gamersyde have just posted The first 10 minutes: Uncharted Part 2.


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predator4353d ago

really looks good, hope u ps3 owners enjoy this game, still undecided when to get a ps3.

killer_trap4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

thank you for your kind feelings. i hope you enjoy the rest of your life.

i'd give you a bubble but looks like you're maxed out.

edit: i gave you one for a rainy day.

predator4353d ago

cheers mate, i think 9 is maxed out im on 8,lol

thanks anyway

RudeSole Devil4353d ago

I have the demo, and I can't wait to play the full game. The best looking game on any console bar none.

SIX4353d ago

That looks really good! I wonder if there will be any supernatural elements to this game.

dhammalama4353d ago

Did you see this strange foot print in the "massive trailer"?

MythSquare4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

can't wait to play this one, it reminds me the old times with Broken Sword quests.

kingboy4353d ago

Support Naughty Dog by buying this it!

SIX4353d ago

Support these great games!

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The story is too old to be commented.