Smash Bros. Sunday: Krystal

Welcome to this week’s edition of Smash Bros. Sunday. This Sunday we will offer Nintendo and you reasons we believe Krystal, from the Star Fox games, should be included in future Smash Bros. games.

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ashbc2718d ago

The list of characters Nintendo could and SHOULD include is so big. I just read some of the other editions of Smash Bros. Sunday and I absolutely agree with them all.

supergameboy2718d ago

I would like to see the para trooper (not sure if i got the name right) included in the next game.

kesvalk2718d ago

para troopa? the flying koopa from mario?

treesmurf112718d ago

But it's not Sundat anymore. :(

In all seriousness, I do think she'd be a very good character for it and whilst they're at it make Falco and Wolf different from Fox.

supergameboy2718d ago

Agreed one this. I don't want any characters that feel like clones.

Oh and bring Mewtwo back. He's an absolute bad ass. I'd like to see him have the armour he had in the first movie too. [/nerd]

ashbc2718d ago

I think I'm gonna defend Nintendo on this one. I don't think clones come from Nintendo's lazyness, although as of late I wouldn't be surprised. I think it comes from game balancing issues. It's a lot harder than it looks to ensure that one character isn't considered the best.
Smash Bros. in my opinion has always done balancing quite well and stay pretty true to the rock, paper, scissors ethic.

kesvalk2718d ago

i would like krystal on the game, but i would like that they make her more solid snakey, using the assault suit and using a mixture of firearms and psychic power like:

neutral B: hold to charge a grenade launcher shot( the charge only changes the speed of the grenade) and use up or down to alter the trajectory.

side B: she throws a mine in front of her, and a then detonates a second time side B is pressed with her psychic power.

up B: uses a jet pack to get some height, you can press B again mid flight to shot with the laser pistol diagonally down.

down B: backstep while firing the laser pistol, if timed correctly you can chain this 3 times in a row (no stun, like fox, but more damage).

would be a very interesting moveset, at least on my opinion.

Shok2718d ago

Krystal would be PERFECT for Brawl. And it'd be nice to have a Starfox character that plays completely unique. Fox Falco and Wolf all feel and behave differently but you can pretty much play all 3 of them the same way.

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