PS3 exclusives lure female gamers unlike Xbox 360?

Respectable gaming figure in France as well as co-CEO to Quantic Dream, Guillaume de Fondaumière has spoken about the female audience among the gaming community.

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StrongMan2715d ago

The PS3 exclusives cover pretty much all genres so PS3 exclusives lure in all kinds of gamers.

DigitalRaptor2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I've always thought that PlayStation is the middle ground of all the consoles with what it offers. It has always had all the "hardcore" stuff, the casual experiences, the quirky/strange/fun PSN stuff and games for all ages and interests. Even miscellaneous stuff like demoscenes and PS Home are really unique for consoles.

AntoineDcoolette2714d ago

Well MGs4 is a Ps3 exclusive and snake has a pretty fine ass in that game. Same for Nathan Drake. And those pecs on Kratos? huba huba

blumatt2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I seriously hope AntoineDcoolette is not a guy. lmao

Anyway, it's true that PS3 exclusives offer a lot more variety in genres. There's quite literally something for everyone. From Ratchet and Clank, to LBP, to Heavy Rain, to Modnation Racers, to Gran Turismo 5, to The Last Guardian, to God of War 3, to ...... the list goes on. If you want tons of games that you can't buy anywhere else (no other console or on PC), then buy a PS3.

xabmol2714d ago


PS3 does not offer The Last Guardian. It teases us with it! :/

da_2pacalypse2714d ago

This article is a little sexist don't you guys think? I mean my girlfriend loves halo (although she's not that good at it lol) and she enjoys playing games like fable with me. I just don't understand what this article is getting at :S... Are we all under the assumption that all female gamers think the same? and just because they are female, they aren't entitled to an individual preference of games? People like different genres, whether female or not. Would this article be any better if you replace "female gamers" with "african american gamers"? Yeah ps3 exclusives are awesome, but this article is a little stupid in my opinion... Also, Tomb Raider is not going to be a ps3 exclusive, so wtf? lol

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jack who2714d ago

have you heard how many females playing halo? you be surprised

KingSlayer2714d ago

Yeah I heard. But what I heard was nothing.

MrSpace2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Yeah because most Girl Gamers play on Halo because it's a well talked about video game. Even the ones who do it for the attention (Trust me you get A LOT) play on Halo because it's popular, a lot of "Girl Gamers" play on COD because a lot of boys talk about it.

Not saying true girl gamers don't go on it, course they do, but you get those fake girl gamers who don't really give a crap about video games going on big blockbuster games so they can "fit in" or get some "attention", why do you think girl gamers get treat like sh*t, because those fake girl gamers who start a match going "LOOK AT ME, GIRL GAMER HERE", get called a bunch of name, can't handle the "boys club" online and end up bitching about equal rights even though they don't give a crap about games in general.

Death2714d ago

Thats really a sad analysis of girl gamers. "Fake" gamers are also called casual gamers. As the price point dips more casuals get in. Just because they aren't as "hardcore" doesn't make them less of a gamer, just have different priorities in life. I assure you there are far more "fake" male gamers than girls out there.

Many female gamers don't use mics and you don't know they aren't as cool as you since boys tend to act like complete ass hats when they hear a girls voice. The worst in people tends to show when the veil of anonymity the internet casts is upon them.


selenetaron2714d ago

What sucks about being a girl gamer, especially on XBox Live, is that if we use mics, the boys thinks we're still boys, no matter how many times we tell them the contrary. The internet is a sad place where anonymity is both the angel and the devil, with nothing in between.

I'll admit that I've played MW2 because my boyfriend won't stop talking about it, but that's been a "gateway game", leading me to Borderlands, which I LOVE, Bulletstorm, and Brutal Legend, to name a few. Sure, I game, but I have a long way to go before I catch up from the old Sega titles I used to play.

SuperBeast8112714d ago

Those were actually 13 year old boys they sound alot like girls though LOL

cstyle2714d ago

More females play halo than than any other exclusive. That's a fact.

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dirthurts2714d ago

I don't know a female who owns a PS3 personally,
I do know some female Gears of War fanatics though.
I'm sure they are out there for both, but I'm unlucky enough to have found them.

Shang-Long2714d ago

oh that interesting.... i personally know 10 girls with ps3. not jusr random girls ive seen on psn.

play little big planet. you'll see ALOT of girls on that game.

i also know girls with xbox 360. but im more impressed with girls with ps3. only becuase its not big in the usa so when a girl has a ps3 im like wow, you didnt go for the default American console.

ThatCanadianGuy2714d ago

Ha ha! It's funny you mention LBP.Every girl i know with a PS3 pretty much only plays LBP.What is it about that game? Is Sackboy really that freakin cute?

KillerPwned2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Well my girl did get sucked into God of War and Uncharted really quick. They are 2 of her few favorite franchises as of now.

But any girl can get into any game no matter what console it is on. Like I also got my girl into The Witcher 1 & 2 on PC along with House of the Dead and Resident evil.

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