Two Million Sales For Heavy Rain

By all accounts in an industry where it’s considered financially risky to develop new IPs, Quantic Dream’s mature,interactive, psychological thriller Heavy Rain had it’s work cut out for it.

However with Heavy Rain reaching 2 million sales worldwide QD proved that some risks are worth taking.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Still have not picked this game up. I will have to give it a try eventually it just seems to me like your watching a movie and not much of a game.

But Kudos to them for something brand new and fresh it sold well.
It's pretty cheap these days and i'll have to buy it.

buddymagoo2718d ago

It feels like a movie that you are in control of and the character choices. It also has multiple endings, like some of the best films (eg. Blade Runner)

By the way, well done Quantic! I'm really looking forward to their next title.

jeseth2718d ago


There are moments in Heavy Rain that get so hectic, I've never experienced anything like it in a game before or since. The worst part is the consequences for you actions in the situations!

It was awesome.

Anon19742718d ago

I really liked Indigo Prophecy back on the Xbox, so I had a pretty good idea what I was getting into with Heavy Rain, and so far I've loved it. Haven't finished it yet though. I've got to say, knowing that your consequences have actions, knowing that you can lose any of the characters, it makes the entire game pretty damn intense in parts.

Nice to see this paid off for them. I was a bit worried about the appeal of this game. It didn't really storm out of the gates, and when you look at the tepid response for the well reviewed Alan Wake released about the same time, it didn't look good for Heavy Rain's long term success. Nice to see Heavy Rain had gamer support. I'm looking forward to actually having some time to finish it off.

NewMonday2718d ago

EVERY segment has a different ending(other than the JASON! Part)

nix2718d ago

for me it was like watching a thriller movie for 12 hours. man.. i was so exhausted in the end. i felt sad that i couldn't save all of them.

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fluffydelusions2718d ago

Probably the most memorable game this gen for far.

GamersRulz2718d ago

well deserved sales, Heavy Rain was a burst of fresh air in a fully crowded FPS industry.

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egidem2718d ago

Same here. Completely agree. It was something unique and just identified itself as different- and it turned out to be a good game! I wonder what Quantic Dream has in stores for us.

gillri2718d ago

nope last known sales was 1.5 million sold

Dannehkins2718d ago

For a brand new IP, this is a great achievement. Well deserved.

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The story is too old to be commented.