Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi – PS3 / X360 – Goku Vs Frieza Gameplay

GamerFitNation writes about the new Dragon Ball Z gameplay trailer. "Namco Bandai has just dropped a new trailer for Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi. In this trailer it features the great fight between Goku and Frieza."

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xtheownerzx2718d ago

This game is looking hot! I wanna pick it up.

Trunkz Jr2718d ago

I mostly wanna get this because you can create your own DBZ Character and play with it.

Calm Down Sunshine2718d ago

Oh really..

I wasn't interested until I heard this.

How deep is the customisation?

MaideninBlack2718d ago

I've seen this fight on the cartoon already lol.

LightofDarkness2718d ago

Yeah, they really need to come up with some sort of new saga for the games. At least to keep people interested. How many times can you fight the same battles and stay interested in what's going on?

Plus, I don't recall Goku looking so pristine (at least not by that point) during this fight :p


Friezas voice is all wrong...

how many game renditions of this fight have we seen thus far and for todays standards the graphics suck really badly, they need to improve upon the graphical art style of burst limit, it has awesome art styles.

MakiManPR2718d ago

Burst Limit was awesome. This is...boring. I mean how we suppose to play when the fights are just cut-scenes and action commands?

kcuthbertson2716d ago

If you would have played ANY budokai game, you would know how much better they are than any of that Burst Limit crap. That game was terrible.

MakiManPR2716d ago

@kcuthbertson I have played all of them but choosed Burst Limit cuz the graphics/animations were amazing, a lot better than this.

rew1822718d ago

I'm totally confused by the controls. I've never played a Dragon Ball Z game so I don't know if this is a typical play style but it seems really confusing. Still would actually like to see the story play out via video game.

Mike_Tha_Hero2718d ago

Coming from a guy who hasn't seriously played a DBZ game since Tenkaichi 3, the fight looks really dysfunctional. I'm sure it's tons more fun to play, but it just LOOKS weird to me.

theonlylolking2718d ago

Tenkaichi 3 was the last one I actually played. I also think this looks so strange.

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