Reduction in time spent playing PC games for October - the Halo 3 effect?

According to the latest statistics released by online community and data aggregation tool Xfire, the number of hours spent playing online PC games by its community of over 8 million players fell further in October.

"We think that the most reasonable explanation is the release of major console titles - Halo 3 came out September 25th - which shows that a lot of Xfire users are console gamers too," says Xfire's senior director of marketing, Frederic Descamps.

"However with the release of the widely anticipated titles Hellgate: London (October 31) and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (November 5), we have seen a 10 per cent increase in daily gameplay for November as compared to October."

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Noodlecup4928d ago

Halo scores alot worse on PC and it's generally laughed at through the PC gaming community, PC gamers have been playing games like halo for a decade or more. The drop in PC gamers was no doubt from the lack of games released in the past few months, CoD4 and Crysis should get this back up to speed.

nobizlikesnowbiz4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

The CoD4 effect.

I love H3. But...

CoD4 MP gameplay > H3 MP gameplay

Thats debatable actually. It's actually a pretty hard choice. H3's features, competitiveness, and fun level, against CoD4's intense awesomeness.

I know it's completely off-topic, but whatever. H3 did actually probably take away from everything else.

Salvadore4928d ago

I wouldn't really call it a Halo 3 effect, more like console gaming effect.

nismo4928d ago

They find anything now a days to bring HALO 3 back into the news. Halo is old news already. Everybody is playing Orange Box, COD4 and Crysis. Stop it with the HALO already.

mighty_douche4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

...the halo effect?!?!?

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