StrategyInformer Reviews Hellgate: London 7/10

StrategyInformer reviews Hellgate: London, and is giving the game about the same grade as most reviewers have: its good, but it could have been so much more. The Diablo fans will still be happy, but they have been starved for many a year, and even a slightly early release of Hellgate looks delicious.

"All in all, Hellgate is a success in the more revolutionary areas of its gameplay, though more attention could have been paid to the typical action RPG elements that seem to have been taken for granted. There's a lot to this game, and hardcore players will enjoy sinking their teeth into something with so much meat, but casual gamers won't have anywhere near enough patience to milk the fun elements from the gameplay. The story's not over until we see how the integral replay aspects pan out, and initial reactions suggest they could go either way."

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