L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption GOTY editions

The main Nordic distributor of videogames and an online danish shop have listed a Game of the Year Edition (GOTY) of the latests titles of Rockstar Games.

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gazgriff2k123455d ago

hope L.A noire GOTY is true will make the wait worth it

NeoBasch3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

When did it win GotY? o_O

Boggles my mind how anyone could give it GotY.

Bullit3455d ago

Great, I'm waiting for buy this L.A. Noire GOTY.

dorron3455d ago

All those DLCs out there make it worth waiting for GTOY or Complete editions. I've been waiting for RDR (soon buying it) and will wait for LA too.

Kran3455d ago

To be honest... to get a GOTY edition... you actually need to win GOTY... and L.A. Noire just isnt GOTY material. Sorry Rockstar/Team Bondai but it's not...

b_one3453d ago

It is a good game, little more effort and it can be GOTY, still i hope for LA NOIRE 2

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