In-depth Review: Age of Empires Online - Electronic Theatre

As an aide to newcomers, the player is introduced to the game in a very gentle fashion. Given the entirety of a capital city to explore, the full chat windows online players will be accustomed to and plenty of freedom, you may have thought that finding enough structure to learn the basics could be difficult. That’s not the case at all, as Age of Empires Online is obviously well versed in the need to make such a demanding premise as easy on newcomers as it would be for long time fans of the genre. By simply offering a ‘quest giver’ highlighted by a bouncing exclamation mark, the game prevents the player from spending hours searching for an objective in a game that eventually allows them to set their own. It’s a far from unique idea, but a remarkably fitting one for a game intended to allow you to go about things your own way.

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