PS3 Exclusive RA One Gets New Screenshots

Check out these new screenshots from the upcoming PS3 exclusive RA One.

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Fishy Fingers2718d ago

Its actually a movie tie-in of a film being produced by Sony, under the same name. I dont think it's just an Infamous rip off (which is hardly original in itself).

Plan on watching the film as the trailer is very funny (its not meant to be), but dont think I'll bother with the game.

CaptainMarvelQ82718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

The models look bad but at least the environments look good.(Has a ratchet and clank vibe to it)
I assume the story would be about delivering curry sauce to the last machine on earth so that Indians can still reproduce.

GamersRulz2718d ago

is this the game made by indian developer ? seems interesting.

fei-hung2718d ago

bollywood movies suck. the actor they have picked for the game (shahrukh khan) is one of the worst actors in bollywood (but also on of their biggest stars) as bollywood works totally different to hollywood or any other movie industry.

actors are worshipped as gods. the better the songs in a film, the better the movie performs. the more the acting resembles panto, the better the actor. original movies don't get too far whilst the same boy meets girl, girl meets boy formula works over and over again.

if the game is anything like a bollywood movie, we have a stinker x 2 in our hands.

Sony is producing this for the Indian audience. Anything with Shahrukh khan in it sells like gold in india. If the movie and game sell in india alone, Sony will make some serious cash.

aman84r2718d ago

This actor sucks and so does anything he has his hand in.

Ddouble2717d ago

I want to see the reaction in India.
Would there be a launch party or a big line up for this game?