More Devil May Cry 4 Images

Here are some more images of Devil May Cry 4 taken from a japanese magazine.

The first details of DMC4 have been released in Famitsu magazine in Japan. The biggest peice of news is that Dante is not the main character. The player will be controlling a new character named "Nero:" Nero is not Vergil, and thereby, Nelo is not related to Dante. The game is stated to run at 60 frames per second and will be playable at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show which kicks off September 22nd.

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kingboy5863d ago

awersome.i wish this would take more than 20gigs of data on blu ray disc.bigger,longer levels with quality cut scenes of pure 100 percent action

TheXgamerLive5863d ago

Just watch for news coming w/in the next few weeks.

I get so tired of always being right. But, sony makes it so easy as they just really suck.

LiquifiedArt5863d ago

Also known as Sir Chump from Chumpsville Living on 360 dr. in a small suburb of Chumperston

The_Firestarter5863d ago

OMFG, I'm so excited taht in just about two weeks we'll be seeing this IN ACTION! *faints* As anybody can tell I f'n love DMC. "Let's Rock"

PS3 Ultimate5861d ago

This game will break the odds! Devil May Cry 4 will be one of the ultimate titles for the PS3! A strong foundation of games. Such an unrivaled game! DMC4!