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"If you had to pick a dormant game franchise from days of yore, and drag it kicking and screaming into 2011 with a dramatic reboot, then the chances are BloodRayne would not be anywhere near your thoughts, and rightly so. Majesco’s two third person action titles under the BloodRayne banner hardly set the world alight, and probably sold reasonably well purely because the protagonist Rayne had a big old set of pixelated vampire titties, and was considered sexy, if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Evidently it did something for crackpot German film director Uwe Boll, who somehow managed to round up a veritable galaxy of stars including Ben Kingsley and Michael Madsen to star in a movie adaptation of the games, which only narrowly missed out on six Golden Raspberry Awards in 2005, due to an unfortunate clash with horrific turkey sequel Basic Instinct 2. Boll followed his worthless movie with two progressively worse straight-to-DVD sequels, each one starring a different female lead, with the requirement being a shock of red hair and a willingness to lose their top. Needless to say, in 2011, the fair and good name of BloodRayne was pretty much in the gutter."

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