36 Great Upcoming First Person Shooters To Play Before Doomsday 2012

PC Games has 36 upcoming First Person Shooters that you have to play until Doomsday 2012. The list starts with Hard Reset coming tomorrow on Steam. Which other shooters are coming? Check the list.

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NovusTerminus2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

36 upcoming FPS games to play... 36... Wow. That is allot of copy paste gameplay.


Talk about over saturation...

Sandmano2714d ago

LOL! by the time we get through this article with the GREAT! translation itl be 2012.

Trophywhore2714d ago

The world will NOT end in 2012 and if you really think it will, youre an idiot.

Sandmano2714d ago

I cant wait till its 2013 so everyone can shutup about it.