White PlayStation 3 coming to Europe

Not that a trivial chassis colour change offers consumers anything other than an aesthetic tweak, but Sony has revealed a sassy white version of its powerhouse PlayStation 3 (PS3).
The clean Ceramic White console in question, which has been available in Sony’s home market of Japan for almost a year, will be hitting retailers in Europe and Australia this coming November.

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Misterhbk2719d ago

Why does the US never get these new PS3 colors from Sony? I'd love to have one :( but importing gets damn expensive.

trancefreak2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Seriously I agree and limited edition version would be a hell of a grab or collectors item.

Microsoft does it quite a bit just don't understand why Sony just don't get it sometimes.

If Sony sold a ps3 with a helghast on the top panel with the killzone 3 bundle i would of bought it in a heartbeat.

ShaunCameron2718d ago

I would love to see a platinum-colored PS3. It look great alongside my white Wii and my black XBox 360.

Pedobear Rocks2718d ago

I'm in the market for a PS3 in about 2 months...sure hope we see a NA release.

Kurisu2718d ago

I would get a White one but I'll get a Vita instead. Then I've got both :)

felonycarclub2718d ago

i dont understand why they dont do different colors for the ps3 in NA

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