Syndicate - First official HD Screenshots

EA has released the first offical HD Screenshots of Syndicate and added one more. The Game comes out early 2012.

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TrevorPhillips2716d ago

EA is seriously on FIRE this year!

ATi_Elite2716d ago

Dam i so hated to agree with you but Jesus Christ you are right!

Anyway no more whining and crying form me about Syndicate being turned into a FPS from it's RTS isometric top down days. Some of these screen shots look awesome so I'm gonna chill and wait to see what the new Syndicate can do.

I'm sure it will be pushed back to mid 2012. Too many heavy hitters for early 2012 that got pushed from Holiday 2011!

The Meerkat2716d ago

Shame its a FPS.
I'd have preferred an isometric (Diabloesque) style game.

Now it will just be called Deus Ex Lite.

Disccordia2716d ago

It's out early 2012 and yet has only officially been announced today. That does seem rather odd to me. Why no reveal at e3 or gamescon?

jbiz3302716d ago

F!ck dude ANOTHER early 2012 release to look forward to? Its gettin kinda crazy with the quality games released from September - May.

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