GTA 4 And iCEnhancer Maxed Out : Graphics Of The Future? At Least Impressively Close To Photorealism

iCEnhancer 1.3 for GTA 4 takes a lot of time to adjust properly. If you have the expertise and a proper rig, you'll see graphics described as in this article. Check it out!

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Ares844393d ago


Not because it's cool but because it isn't that cool and there have been so many articles about this.

The Germans just can't let GTA IV go.

JhawkFootball064393d ago

The only country I hate is Germany.

ChrisW4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Because you speak Hebrew?

Army_of_Darkness4393d ago

Uncharted 2 still looks better.

Death4393d ago

How can you hate a country? I hate some of the things people have done in the past, but what country hasn't done things they regret? I'm not proud of what happened to Native Americans or to Africans that were brought here against their will and turned into slaves. America still sticks it to Native Americans and a hundred plus years later racism is stillalive and appearantly doing well.

If you want something to hate, hate the fact people still hate what they don't understand. We live in the information age and people are still stupid. That kind of sucks.


ShamefulDispray4393d ago

Looks Nice sure. But how does it run? Like crap? Yup.
PC's - 0
Consoles - 1

aman84r4393d ago

I tried it was fun for like 10 mins. watching the graphics and that was pretty much it.

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snipes1014393d ago

I certainly hope not. I'm one that likes my games to look like El Shaddai or Wind Waker. Y'know, with some cool cell shading and over saturated colors. Though this looks real, I just find it dull.

CryofSilence4393d ago

Haha! I love it how a car runs over someone at 0:48 with the soft music in the background.

Blaze9294393d ago

so what's the difference from this and the other 50 articles about this mod?

Jack_DangerousIy4393d ago

The difference is that THIS one was posted today....

Duh.... ;P


saladthieves4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Oh yeah! Right on time! I couldn't wait to hear yet more news about YET another GTA IV mod from YET again a broken German website and how it looks just like reality!


net1234564393d ago

Yes another Article like the flood of Articles for Crysismods years ago from the same website.

I will explain here why those Articles come and will come from the same website.

This website has the biggest printmags for pc gaming in europe. The Germans have some hardware enthusiasts which buy the latest and best technology available and tune it to the max through overclocking. Sure other countries do that to but germany has despite beeing a bigger market then UK/France a smaller console market but they have a stronger PC market . And in this market are a small percentage (still tens of thousend) of people that spend thousends every year to have the highest graphical power there is. Those people buy the print magazines of this website. To get the latest charts and tests of Hardware. But the problem recently is that almost no game maxes out the available hardware. So those websites promote ressource hungry games/mods to show that your 2 grand rig can be maxed out to make more pc gamer buying expensive hardware and buy the print mags to inform yourself. The hunt for perfect graphics is a quest a lot of german pc enthusiasts have and they will hunt it as long as it takes. And those magazines live on that basis.

Its a totally logical marketing strategy. It might annoy people but then just ignore it. Those websites will switch soon to battlefield 3 mods (or the mod with the best graphic) and gta4 will be forgotten.

Also to DragonKnights comment why gta4:

Because GTA4 benefits extremly from better textures and also it has a city+cars to play with where you can make wonderful screenshots.

The thing I like the most on gta4 mods are the real cars. Would be amazing from rockstar to implement it in a GTA.

jeenyus4393d ago

So tired of these german PC crapsites posting GTA IV and Crysis mods.

DragonKnight4393d ago

Ok, I'm going to ask a series of serious questions and I really hope someone has the answers to them.

Why the hell is the focus on GTAIV? Why try to improve the graphics of such a horrible game? I mean really. Couldn't they pick ANY other game? Preferably a better game?

kornbeaner4393d ago

I believe it comes down to scale, there are very few games that are as huge as GTA 4, the game's world is just massive, so I guess seeing the entire game world in a HD photo-realistic is something that shows their engines powers.

I mean if the engine can make GTA 4's world look great imagine what this engine can do if you applied it a smaller game.

Imagine Portal, Starcraft 2 or any other PC game that already looks great with these graphics, it would be amazing. Also I think maybe they asked Rockstar/Take-two for permission to use their game to advertise their work and were told yes.

It can be many factors other than what I listed but I don't think I'm too far off.

Hayabusa 1174393d ago


Actually San Andreas is bigger than GTA IV. AND it has more gameplay. AND more character. AND it's older. But they aren't going to mod that because that will take too much work. All they can do is tweak the lighting and make the cars super shiny to make an already brilliant looking game a little more realistic.

The mod does look amazing but I'm in agreement with most of the other people here. We've seen enough GTA IV graphic mods ok? Leave it alone now. If they really want to make an impressive mod build San Andreas out of the engine.

Voxelman4393d ago

@ Hayabusa 117
Modders haven't forgotten about SA

net1234564393d ago


modding a game doesnt require the permission of the developer aslong as you dont make money with it. Als iCEnhancer is a texture mod no engine. The engine is the GTA4 engine they only showed whats possible with this engine. Through their own car designs and textures.

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BigBacon874392d ago

I would feel like quite the tard if I was bringing people over to my house to look at this on my computer just to feel validated after wasting way too much money on my(laughs to self) 'rig'. Thank god I primarily play on consoles. Telling people you are a PC gamer is like coming out of the closet to your parents.

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Fishy Fingers4394d ago

Bleeding this mod for all it's worth eh.

Solid_Snake-4393d ago

someone doesnt have a PC.

awwwww bless.....stuck with 2006 hardware.

TheXonySbox4393d ago

lol owned him good; snake.

dragon824393d ago

I have a very good PC but this still makes me yawn.

ryhanon4393d ago

So... you upgrade your PC regularly with new hardware to play games released in 2008? Just trying to understand.

I don't see how updated graphics makes the game any more interesting to play through a second time.

andibandit4393d ago

PS3 still has plenty of power to unlock, could problably run this better than you think.

net1234564392d ago

I play mostly on my PS3 only some games on pc.

"PS3 still has plenty of power to unlock, could problably run this better than you think."

But this is just wrong. PCs are not in the same league then the consoles anymore. Those mods are extremly ressource hungry and need 2-4gb vram the Hardware of the PS3 couldnt handle this at all. Its simply impossible why not acknowledge this ? It doesnt take anything from the PS3 experience away if a PC can do stuff the PS3 cant.

CaptainPunch4394d ago

How many of these articles do we need?

Ninjamonkey824394d ago

Looks impressive but i think we are in for much better than what this game old as it is now has to offer. The mods add a new coat of paint that make your eyes bleed yes ive applied it myself on my pc. But whats to come will leave this in the dark imo.