Is The "Korean Wave" Of Online Games Here To Stay?

Hallyu, or the Korean wave, has influenced the online gaming industry. Online games made in Korea, that so far have been mostly exported to Asian countries including China and Taiwan, have advanced to new markets such as Japan, the U.S., and Europe. But is this trend here to stay?

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zeal0us3784d ago

Don't mind them staying so long as they aren't just another generic mmorpg. We got enough of those already, grindfest/cash shop hell.

ATi_Elite3784d ago

HELL YES and Korea has some great MMORPG on the horizion.

Berkanix - Future High Tech
Blade and Soul
Lineage 3

Simon_Brezhnev3784d ago

I want blade and Soul so bad.

JsonHenry3784d ago

Gotta agree with the OP- no more grindfests/cash shop crap. Maplestory and Dungeonfighteronline are awesome, yes, but we don't need a million clones that don't improve anything.

kreate3784d ago

im not sure about improvement but isnt blueside bringing that hack and slash game with hot chicks to consoles?

kingdom under fire or something like that?

and few RPGs like magna carta came stateside on ps2 and xbox 360.

GirlsGeneration3784d ago

I'm all for Korean games getting bigger in other places of the world, I love Kpop to death! Korea FTW i sty = )

bozebo3784d ago

Why is Guild Wars in the tags? It's published by a korean company but its a western game.

kreate3784d ago

Its probably a korean company owned ip?

ATi_Elite3783d ago

NcSoft is a Korean Company who publishes GW. ArenaNet are the Devs of GW and a lot of them are former Blizzard Devs.

NCsoft owns the GW i.p. and AreanNet are a subsidiaries of NCsoft!!

So Guild Wars in the Tag is correct and when Guild Wars 2 releases.....all hell will break loose! It's probably has more people waiting for it than Star Wars: The Old Republic!

GW2 is just quietly flying under the radar but it's highly anticipated.

Chrono3783d ago

There are some very nice MMOs like Dragon Nest and Vindictus.

Psychonaughty3783d ago

Better them than Japan anyway, Japan have become completely irrelevent to me, at least South Korea like similar games to the west like rts and mmo's. Also a Korean company is publishing the excellent looking Guild Wars 2 so they're alright in my book !